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Neighbours Spoilers – Relationship breakdowns in the penultimate week


As the season begins its penultimate week, relationships and their issues will take centre stage on Neighbours in the UK.

Beginning on July 18 in the UK and July 25 in Australia, these scenes will be broadcast on television.

Will Izzy move in next door to Karl and Susan?

The Kennedys are possibly the ones most impacted by the events of the week since Susan is trapped.

Long-time viewers are aware that Isabelle Hoyland (Natalie Bassingthwaightename )’s has negative connotations. After all, Izzy moved in on Karl right away when Susan’s (Jackie Woodburne) and Karl’s (Alan Fletcher) marriage was in trouble.


What followed was a three-year rollercoaster that included Karl and Izzy’s non-wedding, numerous curbside altercations between Susan and Izzy, and ultimately, the birth of a child during Karl and Susan’s subsequent vow renewal. Baby of Karl and Izzy!

Ten years later, Izzy was back and trying to give Holly a full sibling using Karl’s sperm that she had stolen from the Erinsborough Hospital.

When she finally departed, she admitted that, in reality, all she wanted was to be close to Karl because it was the last time she had had genuine joy.

Now, in 2022, Izzy has returned once more. She is with Malcolm (Benji McNair) this time. Son of Susan and Karl!


Susan’s suspicion that Izzy is up to her old tricks is immediately apparent, and she’s determined to find out why.

She believes that Mal would never pursue the person who facilitated his parents’ divorce in 2004 if Izzy hadn’t used her hypnotic charm.

Izzy doesn’t admit she wants to fulfil one of Malcolm’s fantasies of returning to Erinsborough until Karl confronts her. She also intends to follow him!

Susan is enraged when she discovers the truth. Izzy knows how to play the system, and she’s also using the Holly card: if Susan agrees to the relocation, Izzy will make sure Holly follows, bringing Karl and his daughter together for good.


Susan believes she is in a lose-lose circumstance. Saying no would mean keeping Karl away from his daughter, while saying yes would mean having to live next to the person she despises.

Since Malcolm was present when Izzy and Karl’s spark initially materialised, she tries to persuade her son that Izzy is terrible news. But it appears that he genuinely does think she has changed, and nothing Susan says will be able to make him rethink his mind.

Is Izzy planning to move into Erinsborough now that Susan is trapped and powerless to stop her?

The Kennedys, Izzy, and Mal have a family brunch at the end of the next week, which is awkward as you might think, and Susan is once again taken by surprise when the pair reveals there has been a change in their moving plans.

Are Mal and Izzy about to relocate a short distance away now that No. 24 Ramsay Street is up for sale?

Amy bids adieu

Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton), meanwhile, continues to have a difficult time finding love.


She hasn’t always had good luck with men, and now she must watch while the man for whom she has feelings marries another woman.

Amy has been missing her close friend of 20 years, Toadie, for the past three weeks (Ryan Moloney). Amy has feelings for him now, despite the fact that she has never before perceived him in a romantic way due to the fact that she lives with him and relies on him regularly.

Amy is finding it more and more difficult to put up with the love that is being shared by Toadie and Melanie (Lucinda Cowden), whose wedding is quickly approaching.

She is forced into a difficult situation when Melanie requests that she make her wedding dress, which is like salt in the wound. She has no choice but to consent despite not wanting to express her feelings.

Thankfully, she has Harold to turn to (Ian Smith). Harold offers Amy the support she needs as Toadie and Melanie try to make sense of her increasingly strange behaviour.

Finally, Amy comes to the realisation that she must tell Toadie how she really feels.

The revelation shocks Melanie and Toadie, especially with their wedding day so close by. Amy announces her departure because she feels in her heart that it will benefit everyone if she puts some distance between herself and Toadie.

Is Amy just taking a little break to clear her thoughts, or is she really moving out of town?

Is Clive and Jane’s relationship over?

Meanwhile, Jane (Annie Jones) and Clive’s (Geoff Paine) relationship is still tense following Jane’s discovery of Clive’s link to the enigmatic Danielle (Christine Stephen-Daly).

Danielle is an ex-patient of Clive’s, and Jane recently discovered that the two once shared a bed. Danielle is now one of Erinsborough Hospital’s major supporters, and Clive has been afraid to drive her away out of concern that she may divulge what occurred all those years ago. They’re back in touch.

We discovered that Danielle had recently asked Clive to spend one more night with her “for old times’ sake” when Jane met with her to make sure she was getting the complete story. Instead of dismissing her, Clive said he would think about it.

Unfortunately, she is worried about more than just Clive’s transgression. Jane is uneasy after learning the truth about Byron’s (Joe Klacek) side business. What would Mrs. Mangel think of her golden boy’s choice of money-making endeavours? She is very disappointed in him.

Jane doesn’t think she’s in the right state of mind to forgive Clive and mend their relationship because this is weighing hard on her mind. Jane informs him that their relationship is finished during their conversation.

Will Clive and Jane’s relationship on Neighbours come to an end for good? Is there still time for some old flames to rekindle given that there will be a large number of returnees during the next two weeks?

The final episodes of Neighbours will air in the UK at 9 p.m. on Friday, July 29, while they will air on 10 and 10 Peach in Australia on Thursday, July 28.

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