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Home and Away star Patrick O’Connor calls for Brax to make a comeback


Patrick O’Connor, who plays Patrick Braxton on Home and Away, said he would like to see another well-liked Braxton family member return to Summer Bay.

The Braxton family was first featured in the venerable soap opera in 2011, and thanks to their prominent positions in the troubled River Boys gang, they were the focus of several dramatic storylines.

Last year, under the direction of Dean Thompson, played by Patrick, Heath Braxton made a comeback to help the Parata family.

Dean has recently asked other River Boys to help him out of different situations.


Recently, Dean requested assistance from the surfer gang in dealing with the evil poker player PK. In the meantime, two members of the group have joined Dean in terrorising Nathan, who had accused him of killing PK, according to this week’s episodes.

The Braxtons themselves haven’t surfaced once more despite this.

Patrick commented exclusively to Digital Spy about the prospect of the Braxtons assisting Dean in the future: “That’d be awesome! The return of Brax would be cool. Over the time I’ve been there, he’s been the subject of numerous comments, and for the fans, he ranks right up there with Alf! In that sense, they are unawakenable.

It would be cool, but those guys are obviously busy and involved in other things, so whether it occurs again in the future, it is always exciting when they return.


When asked if he was happy to revisit Dean’s River Boy side, Patrick responded: “Yes, without a doubt. There was a lot of drama in the early years of Dean’s Summer Bay arc, which was really exciting to do, especially for an actor because these dramatic storylines bring a lot of River Boy action and it’s always really fun to play.”

Ryan Johnson, who briefly portrayed the villain PK before the character was recently killed off, also received praise from Patrick.

He stated: “We attended the same acting school, in fact. He graduated before I did because he is a little older than I am, but he is the nicest, loveliest, and funniest guy I have ever met. He is also obviously a working actor in Australia.

“It’s just absurd how it turns out that these guys are always cast as the sexiest, baddest men. He has a very quick sense of humour and is very witty. That makes it possible to always have fun while filming such serious scenes, which I find to be a lot of fun.”


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