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Neighbours spoilers: Paul Robinson and Estelle target Terese in cruel plot


Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is understandably suspicious when her mother visits town. Even being on high alert will not prepare her for what Estelle (Maria Mercedes) has planned in Neighbours.

Terese is dealing with a lot at the moment, so Estelle’s visit isn’t ideal. Add in the fact that Estelle has a secret – she’s homeless and hasn’t told Terese – and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Terese is about to come to grips with her mother’s visit and subsequent revelation of her lies when she discovers Estelle having a nice conversation over drinks with Paul (Stefan Dennis), Terese’s current sworn enemy.

The man who broke her heart and now wants to clean her up. T, of course, loses it. She threatens to evict Estelle’s mother, but she begs for a second chance. Terese swallows her rage and agrees, but she makes it clear that there will be no more drinking with Paul.


Estelle agrees, but she has something else on her mind. She and Paul have something in common: they both want to take advantage of Terese.

If Terese believes she’s tamed her mother, she’s mistaken – Estelle outdoes herself by flirting with a recently discharged Glen (Richard Huggett), who is still recovering from his accident. Terese is outraged, but things get even worse when she discovers Estelle on a date with Paul, which is a true WTF moment.

Terese is furious and breaks the pair apart, but Estelle manipulates her daughter by claiming she’s simply there to spy on her ex-husband. Terese’s mind is spinning and she has no idea which way is up, but she trusts her mother and follows her to Josh’s plaque. It appears to achieve the desired effect — they unite for a brief moment.

This irritates Paul since he thought he’d gained an ally in the fight against Terese. Not willing to give up, he uses a beautiful bracelet to entice Estelle back to his camp, and let’s just say she’s easily swayed.


She attempts to refuse at first, but in the end, the gems triumph over her principles. When Terese discovers this, she has the mother of all squabbles, and Estelle rushes it over to Pauls…

These scenes will appear on Channel 5 on Monday, May 30.

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