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Neighbours spoilers: David’s life at risk as he’s targeted in jail


In Neighbours, David (Takaya Honda) was shocked to hear that his innocent boat trip had cost him his freedom. David was placed on remand and given the designation of a flight risk after an accident on the water caused him to skip his bail hearing. However, if he thought that was terrible news enough, things are about to get a lot worse.

He tried to challenge the decision to be kept on remand, but there was little he could do because he is already afraid of his upcoming term in jail. But when they find out that he will not only be detained in a maximum security facility while he awaits trial, they are shocked. There won’t be many welcome him in there with open arms, either.

The people around David are aware of how terrified he is and that he will struggle in such a hostile setting. He will need to adapt if he wants to survive, so Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) hesitantly pulls him aside to share some of his own experience. David feels terrified even though he has the best intentions. He is aware, deep down, that he lacks the skills necessary to endure.

His suspicions are realised not long after he moves into his temporary new residence. David hardly has time to get comfortable in his new bed before he receives a terrifying warning.


David’s loved ones work rapidly to try to get him out of there as soon as they learn that his life is in danger. When Paul learns that his old enemy Holden is in jail, he strikes it fortunate and believes this might be the key they need. Paul begs Holden to shield his son while he throws money at the problem.

The family is terrified when his plan fails and their fears for David’s safety come true. Will he pass away before receiving his punishment?

Their worries grow until an unexpected ally steps forward with a plan that would protect David: Emma, Gareth’s ex. What lengths will they go to in order to protect David?

On Monday, June 27, scenes are broadcast on Channel 5.


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