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Neighbours Spoilers – Amy comes clean about her return to Erinsborough


Amy will expose the truth about what occurred in Cairns on next week’s episode of Neighbours in the UK. Meanwhile, Nicolette discovers Clive and Jane in an unsavoury situation.

These episodes will begin airing on Monday, June 14th.

Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson) has a reputation for being a speed demon.

The blond bombshell built her name in town by bringing tequila body slammers to the people. With her provocative demeanour, no-filter attitude, and tendency for lighting bar tops on fire, she didn’t take long to have tongues going.


Roxy’s persistence, flaws and all, is remarkable. Her strongest attribute is pushing on when others question her, but when she isn’t given a chance, she acts like a dog with a bone wanting to show herself.

Roxy fought tooth and claw for the management post at the Flamingo Bar only a few months ago. She took delight in knowing her customers and the business inside and out. She even organised the volleyball competition to demonstrate her managerial abilities.

Roxy was understandably disappointed when Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton) returned to Erinsborough unexpectedly and said she had been appointed to the role. But she quickly set a goal for herself: find a cause to oust Amy so she could take charge. Roxy quickly learns something she can use to her advantage, a small secret Amy has kept concealed from her new superiors and which may be the end of her new career sooner than she expected.

Roxy puts her plan into action this week, brainstorming with Harlow (Jemma Donovan) on how she might do it.


She is aware that something occurred when Amy was in Cairns. Amy has kept her absence from Erinsborough a closely guarded secret, and Roxy feels the reason she departed is the key she need.

Roxy decides to question her openly after exhausted all of her research choices, but she is unsuccessful.

That night, after learning that Roxy was anxious for her job, Amy summons her protégé for a conversation. Amy assures Roxy that she understands how she feels since she has been in her shoes. Especially the frenzied dash to the summit.

Roxy doesn’t believe she feels that way – she believes she’s more than competent for the job – but she seethes when Amy keeps offering her advice and telling her how well she’s doing down down the ranks.


“You simply have to pay your dues,” Amy reminds Roxy, who is becoming increasingly irritated by her boss’s patronising tone. Amy then reminds her how fortunate she is to be working under someone with her level of expertise.

“In no time, you’ll be manager material.”

Roxy, who is furious at the situation, pretends to be grateful as Amy walks away. However, she is soon presented with an opportunity. Amy’s golden iPad catches her attention, and a lighting goes off in her head. It could have the knowledge Roxy seeks!

Roxy takes advantage of an opportunity to send her boss away to assist Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) the next day, and she utilises her absence to spy on her iPad. She comes across just what she requires while doing so.

She informs her lover Kyle (Chris Milligan), “Finally, I can get the job I deserve,” as she chooses to go directly to Terese with the enigmatic but crucial piece of information.

Amy set a marquee on fire during a launch for the Far North Hotel, Roxy informs her aunt. She acknowledged to being the cause, and as a result, she was fired from her work.


Roxy feels quietly pleased with herself. Despite the invasion of Amy’s privacy, she feels vindicated in the knowledge that she may finally receive the job she deserves. Terese instructs Roxy to keep the knowledge tight to her chest for the time being, and the Lassiters boss subsequently confronts Amy about why she kept the fire hidden.

Terese first inquires about Amy’s relationship with Roxy.

Amy tells her, bright and cheerful, that “Roxy has taken to my mentorship like a drag queen to a wig.” Terese, on the other hand, quickly dampens her mood by changing the conversation.

Amy deflates as she tells her she knows what occurred in Cairns. She was trying to leave that period of her life behind because she isn’t proud of her conduct.

While she accepted responsibility for the fire, she was not the one who started it. As she opens herself to Terese and Paul (Stefan Dennis), she rapidly wins them over, with even hard-nosed businessman Paul sympathising and saying he would have done the same if he had been in her situation…

The next day, as Roxy prepares to accept a promotion and take Amy’s job at the Flamingo Bar, she is surprised to discover her adversary still working there, and still in charge.

Roxy rushes up to Terese and demands the truth. What did Amy say in order to save her job? What happened in Cairns, specifically?

Meanwhile, while Clive’s (Geoff Paine) house is being renovated, he and Jane (Annie Jones) are offered No. 24 to use for date night, much to the annoyance of Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes).

Nic (April Rose Pengilly) and Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) go out for the night, leaving them with an empty house.

Nic is naturally concerned when they return, jingling her keys, fearful that they may inadvertently walk in on anything. Thankfully, there is just stillness in the house, prompting the couple to assume they are alone.

Nic, on the other hand, heads around to check when they hear a commotion in the wash. She screams loudly!

What she discovers is something she hadn’t expected: her mother and Clive are both… engaged.

At No. 24, things are getting a little too close for comfort.

Here are all of the spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours in the UK:

Monday, June 14th (8622)

Roxy digs into Amy’s history in order to destroy her trial as the Flamingo Bar Manager.

Before they’ve had the chance to tell Harlow about their relationship, Mackenzie and Hendrix enjoy an intimate moment.

Karl finds a heap of manure put on his doorstep after a dispute with Vera Punt.

Tuesday, June 15th (8623)

Melanie is taken aback when she learns that Toadie is hesitant to inform his children about their relationship.

Mackenzie is concerned that she has shattered her friendship with Harlow.

Jane brings Chloe in to have a heart-to-heart with Hendrix after seeing he’s having personal problems.

Wednesday, June 16th (8624)

Toadie is irritated that Melanie told Hugo and Nell about their relationship.

Roxy ultimately uncovers Amy’s truth about her stay in Cairns and informs Terese of the shocking revelation.

Jane and Clive are somewhat tipsy when they go skinny bathing in the evening, and Nicolette is humiliated when she sees them.

Thursday, June 17th (8625)

With Bea and Levi’s road trip approaching, Sheila #2 advises Bea to be honest with herself about whether she truly wants to go away with Levi.

Sheila #2 realises she’s been using employment to fill the emptiness left by her grandmother’s death.

Roxy waits for Amy’s dismissal to be announced, but is surprised when Amy shows up at work.

Friday, June 18th (8626)

Bea decides to embark on the road trip despite her breakup with Levi.

Sheila #2 advises Ned to inform Yashvi that they’ve crossed the line.

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