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Neighbours reveals first look at Jodi Anasta back on set ahead of show finale


In a video from the set, Jodi Anasta reprises her role as Elly Conway from Neighbours.

She departed the Australian serial in 2020, eager to seek new projects, but the show’s abrupt termination earlier this year has prompted several familiar faces to return for a special one-hour series finale, which will run in August.

The clip itself (below) is a push for Neighbours National Television Awards votes, so Anasta’s first-look cameo is a bit of a joke.

Olympia Valance (as Paige Smith), James Mason (Chris Pappas), Zoe Cramond (Amy Williams), Kate Kendall (Lauren Turner), Ben Hall (Ned Willis), Olivia Junkeer (Yashvi Rebecchi), and Zima Anderson are among the Neighbours finale returning from the ‘Teens’ era (Roxy Willis).


We have Kylie Minogue (Charlene Mitchell), Jason Donovan (Scott Robinson), Ian Smith (Harold Bishop), Peter O’Brien (Shane Ramsay), Mark Little (Joe Mangel), and Paul Keane (all from the 1980s) (Des Clarke).

Daniel MacPherson (Joel Samuels), Benjamin McNair (Mal Kennedy), Melissa Bell (Lucy Robinson), and Lesley Baker (Angie Rebecchi) are from the 1990s, while Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Izzy Hoyland), Chris Milligan (Kyle Canning), Pippa Black (Elle Robinson), Morgan Baker (Callum Rebecchi), and Jordan Patrick Smith (Jordan Patrick Smith) are from the 2000s (Andrew Robinson).

Hollywood A-lister Guy Pearce (LA Confidential, Iron Man 3, The Hurt Locker, and Prometheus) is also bringing Mike Young back, as announced just yesterday (June 3).

“I’d been asked to return a few times over the years and pondered if it was the proper thing to do, but once I realised the programme was coming to an end, I knew I had no choice.”


“While I’ve caught up with many of the cast members I worked with on the programme over the years,” he said, “there’s nothing like being back here all together.”

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