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Neighbours newcomer Gemma Bird Matheson hints at second love interest for Kiri


Gemma Bird Matheson, who plays Kiri Hua Durant, has hinted that her Ramsay Street newcomer is looking for love in more than one area.

Kiri, Glen Donnelly’s long-lost daughter, debuted earlier this month (in Australian episodes) as a prospective love interest for Nicolette Stone, but in a new interview with Inside Soap, Matheson revealed that there are plenty other fish in the sea for her romantic future.

“Of course, there’s more romance,” she remarked of her character’s future. “I believe Neighbours viewers will have strong feelings about Kiri’s love interests and where they finish up.”

Kiri’s manipulative father will reveal Nicolette’s tumultuous background in an attempt to drive her away from Erinsborough and conceal his genuine relationship with her.


However, it appears that she intends to remain in the area.

While we’re on the subject of the future, it was announced earlier this month that Neighbours, which has aired for over four decades, will be cancelled later this year due to a lack of financing from its British broadcast partner, Channel 5.

Following the revelation, numerous former cast members have announced their return to help say goodbye to the renowned serial, including Peter O’Brien resuming his role as Shane Ramsay and the great Ian Smith reprising his part as Harold Bishop. Fans are also hoping for an appearance by Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan on the show that launched their careers.

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