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Neighbours star to lead the cast of a brand-new audio soap


Neighbours’ cancellation has been upsetting news for the cast, the show’s followers, and, as far as we can tell, pretty much everyone else on the planet.

On Friday, July 29, a feature-length special featuring many familiar faces will air as the show’s finale.

In the weeks leading up to the final episode, former child actress Lisa Armytage, who portrayed Dr. Beverly Marshall, stepmother to Paul, Lucy, and Scott, and wife of Jim Robinson, has been reflecting on her experience on the programme.

Lisa talked about her experience on the show just as she was about to return to soap opera, directing the cast of Riverside, a brand-new audio drama that debuted this week across a variety of platforms.


She also had advice for the cast who are about to go because she left the soap at the height of its popularity in Australia and Oz.

She expressed sympathy and said, “Losing all your structure and stability is a major deal. “However, the only way to take it is to seize the chance to do other things. Things that you haven’t had the opportunity to do in as many years you have been with Neighbours.

During the show’s heyday of prominence, from 1987 to 1989, the actress starred in Neighbours. She also admitted that the Neighbours fever had been rather intense back then.

We had to flee after being surrounded by young children when we attended a friend’s daughter’s school play with my husband and two kids. She remembers. “I had my dark glasses on when I went clothes shopping. Have you ever tried shopping for coloured clothing while wearing dark glasses?


Shaunna O’Grady was chosen in the role of Beverly when Lisa left the show: “It’s odd, isn’t it? Lisa chuckles about the transformation. “Your wife goes out to a medical conference and comes back looking entirely different, and you don’t even notice!”

Shauna has recently made several cameos as Beverly, but Lisa has gone on to perform numerous TV parts. However, she believes that her most recent playing role in the radio drama Riverside is not too unlike from a particular Australian drama.

Riverside exudes that upbeat Neighbors vibe. At a time when we all really need it, a sense of community,” she says. Being a part of a soap opera once more is wonderful.

The weekly magazine serial of the same name, which has been running effectively since 2016, is the inspiration for the 14-part drama. Actors from The Archers and other shows are included in the cast.


Starting on Wednesday, July 27, Riverside will be available via Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

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