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Neighbours’ Hendrix Greyson makes an upsetting mistake in transplant plot


Hendrix Greyson of Neighbours will be upset next week when his prospects of receiving a transplant are jeopardised.

Hendrix’s future is uncertain, as he has been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and requires a lung transplant within the next three years to preserve his life.

In upcoming Channel 5 scenes, Hendrix receives a life-changing call while celebrating his engagement.

Hendrix is told that a suitable donor has been discovered and that his transplant could happen soon.


Things go bad when Hendrix gets adamant on thanking his donor, who is severely ill in the hospital.

Karl Kennedy claims that Hendrix’s plan is impossible to implement since it would violate protocol.

Hendrix has other plans, such as researching the donor and paying him a visit at the hospital.

Mackenzie Hargreaves is there for moral support for her fiancé. They loiter in the hospital corridor, waiting for an opportunity when the donor’s hospital room is empty.


This scheme backfires when Hendrix is confronted by a member of the donor’s family and forced to explain himself.

Hendrix’s transplant is soon jeopardised once he breaks the guidelines.

Hendrix is disappointed to learn that he may have ruined his sole opportunity of a transplant.

Mackenzie notices Hendrix’s anguish and searches down the donor’s father, pleading with him to reconsider.


Will this be sufficient?

Ben Turland, who plays Jimi Hendrix, told Digital Spy recently: “It was an honour to take on [this story], and it’s been fantastic to share it with everyone.

“Hendrix’s health problems began when he saved Mackenzie from a fire at Erinsborough High. Pulmonary fibrosis developed as a result of this.

“Since then, we’ve taken a more gradual approach to the plot, but now we’re really getting into it. It was a fun task.”

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