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Neighbours Spoilers – Hendrix’s mistake jeopardises his transplant


Hendrix’s error on the UK’s Neighbours jeopardises his prospects of a transplant. Is Mackenzie capable of saving the day?

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, May 30th, and in Australia on Wednesday, June 22nd.

Hendrix Greyson has had an incredible few weeks (Ben Turland).

He’s had his fair share of turmoil on Ramsay Street, but things have settled down in recent months, and he’s found himself living a beautiful life with Mackenzie (Georgie Stone), a secure position at Harold’s, and the continuous support of Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) at No. 28.


The coughing began after that. He assumed he had a cold at first, but when his cough became worse, he went to the hospital and underwent a series of tests.

He was shocked to learn that he had pulmonary fibrosis, which was caused by an underlying disease precipitated by the hazardous fumes he inhaled during the Erinsborough High fire.

The fire was ignited by Sadie (Emerald Chan) and Aubrey (Etoile Little), trapping Zara (Freya Van Dyke) and Mackenzie inside. While Zara was able to flee through a ventilation duct, Mackenzie’s damaged arm prevented her from climbing up, and it was up to Hendrix to save her.

His brave decision saved his girlfriend’s life, but it may now cost him his own.


Hendrix would need a lung transplant within the next three years, according to Dr. Caton (Esther Anderson). While his advanced age might help him, and three years was a long time to find a suitable donor, there were no certainties.

He and Mackenzie visited his parents, Pierce (Tim Robards) and Lisa (Jane Allsop), and sister Alana in Sydney in last Friday’s UK episode (Molly Broadstock).

The special episode focused on the young couple’s vacation to Hendrix’s hometown, and when he finally told the truth about his condition, he received nothing but love and support from his family. Their words of support have given him newfound energy and will to battle.

Hendrix proposed to Mackenzie on the spur of the moment while in Sydney. She was taken aback, but the answer was an emphatic yes!


When the couple returns to Erinsborough this week, their friends and family are overjoyed and throw an engagement party for them.

For the first time in weeks, Hendrix is enjoying himself and not thinking about his condition when he receives the phone call of a lifetime…

He’s getting his transplant now that a donor has been located!

Hendrix is overjoyed when he learns he’ll be getting a transplant next week – however it’s a bittersweet event because the only way he’ll survive is if someone else dies first. As a result, Hendrix makes the decision to thank his donor.

Karl recognises that this isn’t possible and informs Hendrix of this.

Hendrix, on the other hand, disregards Karl’s counsel and follows down his donor, paying him a visit in the hospital, where he discovers him on life support.


Unfortunately for Hendrix and Mackenzie, they are quickly apprehended by a member of the donor’s family, who cannot believe Hendrix had the courage to come and thank their dying relative.

Hendrix is plagued with guilt. Worse yet, with his family working against him, the transplant is in jeopardy!

Hendrix is horrified the next day as he digests the bad news: he’s jeopardised his best chance at a transplant.

Mackenzie feels compelled to help after witnessing her boyfriend’s heartbreak yet again.

She follows up with the donor’s father. She realises it’s a danger after upsetting one family member, but she’ll go to any length to rescue Hendrix.

She implores him to reconsider… Will it, however, be sufficient?

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