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Neighbours reveals surprising new love interest for Paul Robinson


Paul Robinson, a Neighbours schemer, will form an unexpected romantic relationship with Terese Willis’ mother.

Terese’s estranged mother, Estelle Petrides, is visiting Erinsborough and will be causing lots of drama for her daughter in the coming weeks, as we previously reported.

Terese is taken aback when she discovers Estelle and Paul having drinks together in next week’s shows on Channel 5.

Terese is now embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with Paul and can’t stand being around him, so the timing couldn’t be worse.


Terese confronts her mother, who she believes has betrayed her. With tensions so high, it appears that Estelle’s visit to Erinsborough will be brief.

Terese agrees to let Estelle remain because she is now homeless. Terese agrees, but only on the condition that Estelle keeps away from Paul.

Despite Estelle’s assurances, it appears that she and Paul are both dead set on using Terese for their purposes.

Terese gets enraged again later in the week when she discovers Estelle on a date with Paul.


Terese is agitated, and Estelle tells her that she’s simply spending time with Paul to spy on him.

Terese is unsure whether she can trust her unstable mother, but she takes Estelle to the memorial plaque for her late son Josh, hoping to develop a meaningful link.

Terese and Estelle eventually experience a nice moment together, giving optimism that they might be able to see eye to eye.

When Estelle decides to obey Terese’s desires by remaining away from him, Paul becomes annoyed.


Paul, not easily deterred, tries to entice Estelle with an exquisite bracelet.

Despite Estelle’s best efforts, greed eventually overcomes her.

Estelle returns to the dark side and visits Paul after another argument with Terese. What will be the outcome?

Maria Mercedes has been cast in the role of Estelle in Neighbours.

The actress has previously appeared on the show as Carmella Cammeniti’s mother Lucia in guest appearances from 2004 to 2007.

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