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Home and Away: Alf’s fussing over Martha is getting on her nerves


In Summer Bay this week…

Monday: Jasmine uses all of Summer Bay’s glitz and glam to persuade Xander to stay. Rose’s hasty decision to transfer to the Yabbie Creek Police Station has Cash concerned. He doesn’t want Jasmine to get her hopes up that Xander and Rose are going to stay.

Irene is concerned about the upcoming renovations to the building. With half of the entrances blocked off, how will she keep her customers happy? In the carpark, Irene and Logan notice an enraged Dimitri on the phone. Dimitri is packing his belongings quickly and leaving voicemails for Theo.

Justin has a seizure in the hospital, which panics Leah and Theo. The police arrive at the hospital to take Justin’s statement regarding the assault, but Justin dismisses them. Without the police, this is already a difficult situation for Leah and Theo. Leah decides to go to the police herself because she can’t bear Dimitri causing any more harm to her family.


Leah reports Dimitri’s assault on Justin to the police station. Dimitri defends himself by claiming he has no criminal record and that he was only acting in self-defense. But Theo clears the air for Cash, pointing out that Dimitri has done this before. He was the one who did it to Theo.

Tuesday: Jasmine and Rose’s ‘friendly’ volleyball game develops into a battle. Spectators begin to gather in anticipation of the show. Xander reminds his sisters that the prize is merely a free supper, but this is clearly a fight for much more.

Martha is irritated by Alf’s caring over her. Roo is concerned that Martha’s irritability will cause her to reconsider her transplant decision. Martha apologises and promises that she would never put Roo through anything like that again. On a family beach walk, Alf, Martha, and Roo work through the tension by talking about their post-operative plans. Roo and Martha are getting ready for their first appointment with the transplant coordinator. Martha’s rehabilitation is going swimmingly. Roo, on the other hand, catches Martha coughing alone in the kitchen. Is Martha’s illness more critical than they previously assumed?

John visits Justin at the hospital to see how he is doing. The two men lament what Theo must have endured at the hands of Dimitri during his boyhood.


Through the window, Cash sees Dimitri break down. Theo is remorseful for inflicting violence on Justin, but Justin assures him that Dimitri’s violence is entirely his fault. John receives a worrisome call regarding the business of the surf club. Irene and Jasmine are perplexed by the uproar.

Wednesday: Mackenzie’s debt problems don’t seem to go away. The stakes for her poker nights are becoming higher and higher. Mackenzie is warned by an agitated John that the surf club is on her tail for not paying rent in two months.

Martha and Roo meet with the transplant coordinator at the hospital. It’s not all good news, though. They need to re-do their blood testing from the previous visit because their health may have changed. Martha manages to keep her spirits up despite a dry cough. The transplant coordinator arranges for her to be examined by a doctor. Is it possible that Martha isn’t fit for surgery?

Dr. Logan Bennett arrives to examine Martha’s chest. He’s not convinced by what he sees, so he orders more tests on Martha’s chest and lungs. Alf and Roo console a tearful Martha, declaring that they can get through this as a family. Alf admits to Marilyn in a private time that Martha may never be ready for the transplant. And her anxiety over the issue could swiftly degrade her health. Martha may be on the verge of dying young, and Alf feels powerless to assist her.


Tane checks in with an absent-minded Mia on Thursday. Her mind is elsewhere as she gazes out to sea. Tane offers that Mia assist in the teaching of certain PT sessions, but she isn’t up to it.

Nikau and Bella continue to support Chloe, but Chloe has changed her mind. Mia and her well-being are now her top priorities. The strain to keep Mia upbeat, on the other hand, is stressful. Chloe isn’t sure she’ll be able to handle it. Mia has opted to stay in the Bay for Chloe’s sake, but is having Mia attached at the hip a long-term solution? Chloe overhears Mia crying to herself and decides to cancel her plans with her pals. Mia requires her right now, regardless of how difficult it is for Chloe to handle.

Dean notices Mackenzie’s ’emergency’ rent non-payment and interrogates her about Nathan’s presence at Salt. Did he have anything to do with Mac’s failure to pay John? Mackenzie offered Nathan money, which surprises Felicity and Ryder. He is a complete stranger to her. Felicity retorts that he’s not in debt, and that she wouldn’t invite a situation like that into their private poker games.

Alf storms into Salt to talk to a stressed Mackenzie about the missed rent. When Alf realises how remorseful and honest Mac is about her financial condition, though, his fury rapidly dissipates. If she can be honest with Alf, he vows to speak for Mac in front of the surf club committee. The two come to an amicable understanding.

Dean believes he has no power to stop Mac’s deadly downward spiral.

Friday: Felicity has started planning the next Salt Poker Night.


Ryder’s efforts to reassemble the ‘great quartet’ are hampered by Chloe’s decision to stay at home with an upset Mia. Mia is touched that Chloe would forego a night out with her friends in order to spend time with her mother. Mia is encouraged by Chloe’s excitement, and the two cook a roast supper together.

Roo puts on a strong face for Ryder, but she’s a disaster with Alf. The transplant is becoming increasingly unlikely due to Martha’s deteriorating health. Alf is heartbroken as well, but he feels powerless to help. Roo now regrets being so harsh on Martha in the past for refusing the transplant. If Roo had been softer, Martha might have been more open to the notion.

What ifs won’t help now, Alf and Marilyn assure Roo. Martha will be able to get through this if she only concentrates on the now. Marilyn advises that Roo’s pessimistic outlook be brightened. A optimistic approach might tremendously help her – and Martha’s – morale. Roo pays attention and refuses to view Martha’s predicament as hopeless. She jumps right into studies on stress reduction and the effects of positivity on blood pressure and heart disease. Alf warns her to be practical, but Roo sees right through that. They feel less powerless when they are hopeful and aggressive. Alf recognises logic in Roo’s words.

Nikau & Bella are uninterested in Ryder’s role-playing as a poker dealer. They were delighted to cheer up Chloe, but the fake casino surprise feels a little cheesy without her. Why are they doing this in the first place? Ryder becomes irritated, evidently engaged in his position as a dealer. Ryder recommends some winnings – a free juice for the victor – after determining that the thrill comes from genuine stakes.

Channel 5’s Home and Away airs Monday through Friday at 1.15 p.m.

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