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Neighbours Farewell Tour announces two legendary cast members for line-up


Two illustrious Neighbours characters have joined the upcoming UK tour of the soap opera.

In advance of the tour’s arrival in the UK next year, Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher, who have played the endearing Kennedy couple Susan and Karl for 27 years, have officially joined the ensemble.

During their tenure on the soap opera, the fan-designated King and Queen of Ramsay Street have been prominent figures in some of its most significant plotlines.

Fletcher expressed excitement for the tour to be a “big celebration” of everything Neighbours fans adore and love.


As their beloved TV programme is coming to an end after 37 seasons, he added, “I have been extremely affected by the outpouring of love and support from fans. This is why I am so pleased to be involved in the Farewell Tour.

In a major celebration of the programme we all adore so much, these performances will bring together hundreds of devoted fans. I anticipate that both the cast and the audience will remember this tour forever.

The tour will include illustrious cast members reflecting on the past of the soap opera, which has enjoyed popularity in the UK for its entire 37-year run on television. Along with getting the chance to ask the cast questions, viewers can anticipate behind-the-scenes tales.

Fletcher recently shared details about filming his poignant final scenes.


When reciting the lines for the show’s final scenes, he admitted to The Mirror that it was difficult to hold back the emotions.

“Hundreds of spectators saw the final bit of filming in the studio. We had some speeches, and I spoke briefly. Some tears were shed. There were a few events to celebrate.

Originally scheduled to air on August 1, the last episode will now air at the end of this month, with Australia airing on July 28 and the UK airing on July 29.

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