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Jackie Woodburne reveals all on ’emotional’ final scene of Neighbours


Jackie Woodburne, a legend of Neighbours, has spilt the beans on the closing sequence of the adored soap opera, admitting that it was quite emotional to film.

The Australian serial’s final chapter is narrated by Susan Kennedy, who also revealed that the cast was on the verge of tears when filming it.

On Wednesday’s Lorraine, Jackie said to Carol Vorderman, “I cannot tell you how emotional it was.”

“It was a major acting challenge for all of us to not bring our own pain into the scene,” says the cast of the last episode. “The sequence was a very joyful, happy scene, but we were all feeling so emotional, we were a second away from tears the whole time.”


Jackie continued by saying she was honoured to be given the chance to narrate the final sequence.

Her statement comes shortly after Channel 5 president Ben Frow said that his decision to cancel Neighbours was purely “business,” adding that the money would be “better spent” on producing UK programmes.

The iconic and long-running Australian soap opera will end prematurely later this month, as it was announced earlier this year.

Fans quickly reacted by starting a petition to save the show after receiving harsh criticism over the move.


Despite their best attempts, Neighbours will come to an end in a few days since Fremantle, the production firm, was unable to locate a replacement broadcast partner after Channel 5 withdrew.

Frow acknowledged that it was a possibility when asked if continuing to produce the show for a UK audience was an option, but he went on to explain that he chose to spend the money on “UK shows,” which he argues is a better use of the funds.

He told Radio Times, “Or I could spend the money on other things, which is what I opted to do.” “I can spend the Neighbours money better on UK shows,” you say.

Neighbours, a show that had been a mainstay of UK daytime television for 37 years, was controversially dropped by Channel 5 in favour of “original UK drama,” which the broadcaster believes has a “strong appeal” for viewers.


The final episode of Neighbours will run on July 29 at 9 p.m., and viewers can expect to see a number of Erinsborough legends return in both the final show and the days leading up to it.

In the series’ penultimate episode, Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, who previously portrayed sweethearts Charlene and Scott Robinson in the late 1980s, will reprise their legendary parts.

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