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Neighbours boss reveals why soap legend was cut from final episode


DIE a lot Fans of the soap opera Neighbours were in disbelief when one of its icons was omitted from the last instalment.

After nearly forty years on television, the Channel 5 soap opera ended last week.

But it has now been made clear why a beloved character of the audience was left out of the soap opera’s spectacular finale.

Yes, we are talking about Bouncer the dog from the television show Neighbours.


When the well-known dog first appeared on Ramsay Street in 1987, fans fell in love with it right away.

Bouncer had three residences during his time on Neighbours, and he also overcame house fires, car accidents, getting lost, and even being poisoned by some mushrooms.

The showrunner of Neighbours, Jason Herbison, has now explained why Bouncer couldn’t join the extensive list of cameos from the last episode.

In an interview with Digital Spy, he revealed: “Right up until a few days prior, I was still adding and testing the limits. A white Labrador running through the street was something else I desired, but I realised it was too much to ask.


“We got everything filmed,” he continued, “which is a great testimony to the incredible staff.”

The character Shane Ramsay revealed that he had given his car the name “Bouncer” in honour of the pet, thus Bouncer wasn’t completely forgotten.

At the conclusion of the very final episode, a photo montage included an image of the dog.

Bouncer appeared on the programme for six years, from 1987 to 1993, including in a famous dream sequence where the producers provided an odd glimpse into what they believed the animal would think.


In the scenario, Bouncer was shown fantasising about getting married to another dog named Rosie and establishing a family with her.

In 1993, Bouncer was last seen being driven away to live on a farm; regrettably, the dog passed away thirteen weeks after the final shots were filmed.

At the age of seven, he perished away from cancer.

Millions of people watched the Neighbours series finale in the UK and Australia, where it was a huge success. Movie star Guy Pearce made a guest appearance.


Kylie Minogue, however, has spoken out after receiving criticism from fans for appearing in the Neighbours finale.

In order to film scenes with her on-screen spouse Jason Donavon for the finale, Kylie took a flight from London to her birthplace of Melbourne.


In the 1980s, millions of viewers watched as their fictional characters Scott and Charlene wed on the soap opera, exciting fans.

“Yes, tears were shed! Congratulations to the @neighbors team on the touching and joyous conclusion,” Kylie said in the description of her picture.

“You’ll always be in my heart!”

When it was revealed that the duo would visit Ramsay Street for the final time to commemorate the finale, viewers exploded in jubilation.

However, some viewers were “extremely upset” since they felt Kylie and Jason weren’t featured on the soap opera for long enough.

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