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Neighbours – Alan Fletcher talks new Karl and Susan rift


As a gap between Karl and Susan is revealed in today’s Neighbours, Alan Fletcher discusses the Kennedy family’s future with Back to the Bay.

When Holly (Lucinda Armstrong-Hall), Susan’s daughter, was approached by Karl (Alan Fletcher) over her lack of concentration at work, the truth about Jackie Woodburne’s (Susan) bitterness towards her husband was revealed.

Holly disclosed a secret that Susan had been keeping when she accused Susan of setting him up for it.

Holly made a gesture towards a cabinet in the living room of No. 28 and said to Karl, “She’s a hypocrite.” Should you find me untrue, the evidence is stored in that closet.


Karl discovered a cache of pricey jewellery within the cabinet. It turns out that Susan has been purchasing this jewellery for the previous two years, ever after Karl lost $200,000 to Montana Marcel (Tammin Sursok).

Montana Marcel, a businesswoman, cost Karl $200,000.

Only a few months before Neighbours was cancelled, in early 2022, Montana, a businesswoman, moved to Erinsborough. Shortly before Susan was revealed to be a scammer, Karl spent an astounding $200,000 in Montana’s company behind her back.

After that, Susan threw Karl out of the house, and the pair didn’t get back together until Hendrix’s (Ben Turland) tragic passing.


It has come to light that for the two years that we have been away from Ramsay Street, Susan has been harbouring anger towards Karl. After stepping down as Principal of Erinsborough High School and taking an early retirement, she has been listless ever since.

When Karl questioned Susan about her secrecy, Susan gave her justification: “Things are still tight,” therefore she felt bad about spending money.

After receiving her redundancy settlement, Karl reassured Susan that things weren’t tight. Susan responded by saying, “We’re not back to where we were,” alluding to his error in Montana.

It wasn’t until Susan said, “I’ve spent over $20,000,” that Karl discovered how much she had been secretly spending.


“I’ve put in a lot of effort throughout my life,” she remarked, revealing through her stunned expression that Karl had assumed the expenditure was unnecessary. “Don’t you think I deserve to be treated nicely sometimes?”

Though Karl looked unexpectedly okay with the large expenditure, he was unable to comprehend Susan’s prolonged harbouring of resentment.

Subsequently, Susan clarified that she was not only angry with Karl for taking their retirement fund, but she also held him accountable for her complete identity loss:

“Purchasing jewellery and indulging yourself has been my method of dealing with certain emotions and feelings that I’ve been going through. I held grudges against you. I’ve been trying to ignore it, but it’s been seething inside of me.

I gave up my career and my future. I blame you for taking away my identity and who I am!

Does Karl and Susan have any hope? Alan outlines the upcoming events.


“Well, communication becomes the key to everything. The great thing about Neighbours is that it is incredibly humane; whether a relationship works out or not, the authors do a fantastic job of ensuring that the characters handle their problems with compassion and consideration.

We don’t exaggerate things excessively. Our goal is to make it realistic so that individuals can observe how people interact and think, “Yes, that’s how it would be; that’s what Karl and Susan would do.”

“I can assure the audience that the Kennedy residence is not without secrets. In addition, the arrival of Holly, a young girl who identifies as Izzy’s kid, adds another level to the home.

“So, in the first few weeks of the show, Karl and Susan have a lot to hash out. There are tough scenes, fantastic scenes, and yeah, it’s… I believe it will be enjoyable for everyone.

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