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Neighbours’ Aaron Brennan to be doubted after David Tanaka ‘return’


Aaron Brennan of Neighbours worries his loved ones the following week after he claims to have overheard his late husband David Tanaka’s voice over the phone.

This week marks the start of an enigmatic new plot as Aaron answers an unexpected call and recognises David’s voice on the other end.

Aaron looks to Mackenzie Hargreaves and Nicolette Stone for assistance, but he is let down when they both express doubt about his account.

Aaron claims that he heard David’s voice, but Nicolette and Mackenzie imply that he is hallucinating because of his sadness.


Aaron refuses to back down and maintains that he did not have a hallucination or dream; rather, he had a two-way discussion with David’s voice.

Subsequently, Jane Harris informs Aaron that she is paying attention to what he is saying by paying closer attention to his assertions.

Jane offers that if they cooperate, they should be able to figure out why the mystery phone call occurred.

But when an explicit film purporting to show Jane having a sensual video chat with her missing fiancé Mike Young surfaces, Jane quickly finds herself in a crisis of her own.


This comes after Nicolette gives Jane some sly tips on how to reignite their long-distance romance. Has Jane acted upon these suggestions, or is this a phoney video?

In addition, is there any connection between this and the phone call Aaron made and the enigmatic footage of Haz Devkar damaging the café? All will become clear in next episodes.

In February, terrible events led to David’s death after Takaya Honda announced her intention to step down from the job.

“I think for my mental health, it’s probably good that David is killed off, just because it puts a line in the sand,” Takaya stated to Digital Spy at the time. There were, in my opinion, only two possible outcomes for David leaving Aaron, Isla, and Nicolette: either he would have passed away or ended up in jail.


“I believe that returning to prison would have been a pointless outcome, so death was the best option. The show’s masterful construction of this plot and its flawless execution mean that, ideally, this will be remembered as one of the most significant deaths in Neighbours history—but for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.”

These scenes from Neighbours air on Monday, April 1.

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