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Mackenzie Booth of Home and Away takes a big risk in 20 spoiler photos

Your gallery of images indicating what’s coming up on UK TVs starting Monday, May 9.

Monday, May 9th:

Mac is in the midst of a crisis. After recent issues at Salt, her debts are spiralling out of control.

Mac is having a hard time keeping everything together. She is always forced to create excuses for why she is unable to pay.

Mac is beginning to investigate other possibilities. To make some fast cash, Felicity has suggested hosting illegal poker evenings at Salt.

Mac is determined to keep Logan in the dark about her issues. When Logan learns that Mac is having trouble paying her expenses, he steps in and lends her some money. Logan is completely oblivious that this is only the beginning of the trouble.

Marilyn is checked in on by Logan. Marilyn’s doctor has advised her to begin taking her medication after she recently threw it away.

Rose and Xander haven’t left the Bay yet. Long-lost siblings of Jasmine have gathered in town to negotiate their late father’s will.

The presence of Rose and Xander makes Jasmine feel uneasy. Rose and Xander had a fantastic relationship with their father, however Jasmine was abandoned as a child.

Rose and Xander must make a major decision. Do they plan to stay in the Bay or leave?

Rose considers the situation carefully. Cash adds his two cents to the debate by urging Rose not to abandon Jasmine as their father did.

Tuesday, May 10th:

The decision made by Xander and Rose has generated quite a commotion. They’ve expressed their desire to remain in Summer Bay to Jasmine.

They’re doing the right thing, according to Rose. Cash’s heartfelt request gave her pause for contemplation.

Rose discusses the problem with Xander. Both of them are aware that Jasmine is uneasy.

It’s possible that Xander and Rose will have to alter their plans. There’s no need for them to stay if Jasmine isn’t interested.

Xander feels saddened by the possibility of them having to go. He feels he can build a bond with his long-lost sister over time.

Jasmine is aided by Cash. As she meets with Rose and Xander again, he joins his girlfriend.

Jasmine, according to Cash, should not squander this opportunity. After the death of Jasmine’s father, Cash sees this as an excellent opportunity for her to start a family.

The ball has been passed to Jasmine by Xander and Rose. They’ll only stay if she specifically requests it.

Finally, a solution is found. Jasmine says Xander and Rose are welcome to remain, but she makes no guarantees that they will be happy together right away.

Wednesday, May 11th:

Mac’s big night is about to begin. She intends to follow on with her plan to hold illegal poker evenings at Salt.

Ryder is an integral aspect of the plan. He found out Mac and Felicity were holding a secret and asked to be a part of it.

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