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Love triangles, newcomers and a tough boss: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers


A few love triangles are developing this week on Home and Away as a result of Jasmine (Sam Frost) and Bella (Courtney Miller) departing the Bay. After spending the night together, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) act awkwardly around one another. When Rose is unpleasant to Irene (Lynne McGranger), Xander (Luke Van Os) deduces the reason why: she must be feeling something for her sister’s boyfriend!

Additionally, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), who is obsessed with Bella and spends all of his free time attempting to contact her, worries Tane (Ethan Browne). Will Nikau, however, be about to be distracted by another woman after a significant lifeguard rescue wins the adoration of newbie Naomi?

Here is the schedule for the week starting on Monday, July 25.

Does Rose have affections for the boyfriend of her sister?

After their night together, Rose confronts Cash about his concealment, asking him why he’s keeping Jasmine in the dark. If nothing transpired between them, it won’t be an issue when it actually wasn’t. Cash claims he doesn’t want to upset Jasmine because she already has too much going on. Later, Irene extends an invitation to Xander and Rose to have supper, but Rose politely declines. Cash is still a closed vault when Irene queries him about what that was all about. Rose has feelings for Cash, doesn’t she, which is why she was acting so rudely, according to Xander. She confesses that she has liked him ever since they first met, and he holds her as she says so.


Take their relationship to the next level, Tane and Felicity?

Tane chooses to resume his full responsibilities at the gym now that he has recovered from the stabbing. He wants to resume managing bootcamps because he is sick of being bogged down with paperwork and administrative duties. Felicity is cautiously hopeful, but the couple seizes the occasion to have fun. Felicity begins to pack her bags after realising Tane will be fine now. Tane is disappointed to see Felicity’s baggage when he returns from his first full day back at work on a high. He hesitates before asking Felicity if she wants to move in because he feels exposed. Is their relationship prepared for this, wonders Felicity, who is astonished.

As newcomer Tex arrives, Marilyn demonstrates that she is a demanding employer

Marilyn has been finding it difficult to oversee Alf’s various business obligations on top of managing her shifts at the Diner. When she decides it’s too much for her, she posts an ad for a handyman, and soon after, interest arises. Tex shows up first for an interview, and Marilyn is soon won over by his charisma. However, Marilyn’s perspective changes once Alf approves of the position. On the first day, Tex goes into the diner to order breakfast, but Marilyn hardly gives him a chance to finish before sending him to work. Irene advises her to unwind, but Marilyn wants to control everything.

Tane is concerned for Nikau as he mopes around in sorrow

When a dejected Nikau arrives home, Tane and Felicity are interrupted from their celebration of his return to work. They attempt to converse with him, but he is unwilling to take part. Instead, he is preoccupied with longingly gazing at Bella’s screensaver. Later, Nikau responds that it is not her when Felicity asks him if there is something wrong with what she is doing. He’s just finding it difficult to share a home with two happily married couples when his girlfriend is halfway across the world. Tane discovers how badly Nikau is struggling when he sees him checking for flights to New York.

Theo starts to have doubts about finishing TAFE

Theo needs to finish a crucial TAFE assignment, but Chloe is distracting him and the new pair can’t stop touching. Theo can’t say no to Chloe despite his pressing deadline since she wants more of his time now that his community service is complete. Theo eventually returns home to confront the laptop after Justin advises him not to put off doing his work until the last minute. However, after looking over the assignment, both Theo and Justin agree that TAFE tasks have never been this difficult. Theo may have taken on more than he can handle.


Chloe is helped by Leah to rediscover her enthusiasm for company management

When Theo snaps that he needs to fulfil his task, it hurts Chloe’s feelings because she really wants to claim more time with him after his community service is completed. After sensing the stress, Justin and Leah resolve to assist the young adults in regaining their bearings. Leah tells Chloe that she once had her own business and wonders whether she should try doing it again as Justin leaves to aid Theo. Chloe first opposes the idea, but after Tane gives her some encouragement, she starts to think maybe it’s time to start honing her business administration skills.

After a significant act of lifesaving, Nikau gains a new admirer?

On the phone with Bella, Nikau is catching up when his lifesaver radio alerts him to a swimmer in trouble. Nikau acts swiftly, getting into the rescue vessel and scouring the waves until he discovers a woman pleading for assistance. Before returning to land and giving her CPR until she regains consciousness, he jumps in, grabs her, and then pulls her to him. Naomi, the sister of the woman, says she would like to buy Nikau lunch as a token of her appreciation for his efforts. Has Nikau gained a brand-new fan?

Mackenzie readies herself for a prison term

Ziggy tries to cheer Mackenzie up when she gets home from her trip to meet the lawyer, but nothing can take her mind off the possibility of going to jail. She arrives at work as usual, surprising Ziggy and Dean with her composure, but later that day they find her in Salt’s storage in tears. She then makes the decision to make the most of her last day before the hearing and starts making plans to accomplish the items on her bucket list. Is Mackenzie enjoying herself to the fullest before maybe being sent to a prison cell?

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