Saturday, November 18, 2023

Kylie and Jason in Neighbours goodbye show


Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan have returned to Neighbours for the final episode of the long-running soap drama.

Following the loss of its main UK broadcast partner Channel 5, the show was cancelled in March.

In an instagram post, Neighbours executive producer Jason Herbison said, “Scott and Charlene are the ultimate Neighbours pair and it would not feel right to end the programme without them.”

“We are ecstatic that Jason and Kylie have returned home to play a pivotal role in the series finale.”


Filming the episode was an emotional event for the couple as well as the show’s production team, he said.

In episode 523, aired in 1987, two million Australians and over 20 million British viewers tuned in to watch Donovan’s Scott Mitchell and Minogue’s Charlene Robinson tie the marriage.

The wedding scene, with Kylie’s lace gown, coral-colored bridesmaids’ costumes, and Donovan’s mullet, became a cult classic in Australia throughout the 1980s.

Minogue’s international career was established as a result of the show, with her first hit single, Locomotion, being published just weeks after it aired.


Since 1985, audiences have been entertained by the escapades of Ramsay Street residents, with around 9000 episodes shown.

Producers Fremantle were unable to find a new broadcaster to back the show as Channel 5 decided to focus on local UK drama.

On Monday, August 1, the last episode will air.

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