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Home and Away: Xander and Jasmine stumble across a horrific car accident involving Logan

There’s no better place to test your abilities than on the job. When Xander and Jasmine witness a horrific vehicle accident this week, they get a firsthand look at what it’s like to be a paramedic.

The siblings are driving when they observe the disaster in stressful scenes in Home And Away. Two automobiles collided, and Logan (Harley Bonner) was one of the drivers! The local doctor appeared to be uninjured but in shock.

Xander (Luke Van Os) dashes to the second car, where he discovers a woman named Millie, while nurse Jasmine (Sam Frost) examines him over (Zara Zoe).

She’s upset, bleeding, and she’s reaching out for her friend Jo. Xander searches the area, but she is nowhere to be seen.

He phones Jasmine, who calms Millie down while he looks for the missing passenger. But what he learns will astound him. What exactly is it?

Xander returns to Millie, who inquires about her friend. To keep her peaceful, Xander chooses to lie, but her breathing becomes ragged, and the siblings are obliged to intervene.

Xander does an emergency decompression technique to access her airways, which he has never done before!

Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Cash, the cops, come as the two try to save a life (Nicholas Cartwright). The events that are happening astound them.

“Xander is prepared for the impact,” Luke, 25, says. “This is his job; he’s got years of training and experience in such situations. He takes action right away.”

Xander stands at Millie’s door at the hospital. He overhears her enquiring about Jo. Rose passes by and cautions him against becoming overly engaged with his patients.

But he can’t keep the truth for much longer…

Logan and Millie are both having trouble remembering what happened. Cash, on the other hand, later explains the cause of the accident: driver mistake.

Will Logan be held accountable if Millie’s illness worsens?

Mac is tempted by a wealthy gambler

Mac’s confidence – and income – have grown with each subsequent poker night. When a mystery new player appears in Summer Bay this week, she’ll make more money than ever before.

Nathan (Ryan Panizza) just had Mac (Emily Weir) assist him in repaying a loan shark obligation. However, she is now behind on her rent, and her business is in jeopardy.

Mac denied Nathan access to the next poker night because he owes her money. Nathan then meets PK (Ryan Johnson), a wealthy man who enjoys playing cards.

For a seat at the table, he offers to triple the buy-in.

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is adamant about everyone being vetted first. Plus, something about him doesn’t feel quite right. Mac, on the other hand, sees dollar signs.

Emily, 30, adds, “Mac notices PK is someone of position, power, and importance.” “She doesn’t warm up to him at first and thinks him arrogant, yet intriguing.”

PK rakes in the cash that night. As Mac celebrates yet another great event, PK raises the stakes by proposing an exclusive poker night with one table, ten players, and a $5000 buy-in.

Felicity becomes concerned all of a sudden. Is PK really who he says he is?

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