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Jason Donovan says Neighbours final scene rumours “close” to truth


The Neighbours finale will include Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue reprising their legendary roles as Scott and Charlene. Donovan has now addressed speculation about the details of their on-screen interactions.

According to an apparent finale script leak, Charlene and Scott would return in the episode’s closing seconds, arriving in a car and saying, “At last. We are at home.

And after being questioned about the rumours during an interview on The One Show yesterday, Donovan has now hinted that they are “near” to the truth (Tuesday 28th June).

When first questioned about it, he merely replied, “I’m not going to give too much away about the episode but I can tell you it’s going to happen — in what capacity, you’re going to have to turn over to Channel 5.”


When asked about the leaked scripts by Alex Jones and Rylan Clark, he responded, “I can’t make a statement about that, I think you could be close, but let’s see, let’s wait and see.”

Harry Hill, another guest on the show, then made the joke, “It’s not just a Zoom meeting is it,” to which Donovan responded, “No. Definitely some denim is involved, which is why I’m wearing ripped jeans today as a flashback to 1988.

Jones then questioned Donovan if he shared Minogue’s sentiments over how emotional filming the moments had been.

It was emotionally charged, he said. When you walk down that street and enter Pin Oak Court, where the show was shot, there is so much to take in. You never know the worth of a moment until it becomes a memory.


You know, it was emotional, but it’s filmmaking and it moves on, so you’ll just have to wait and see. “And you know, to this day, I still think about Neighbours. I really hope the expectations aren’t too high, though!

Intriguingly, the executive producer of the soap opera, Jason Herbison, recently downplayed the rumours about the closing scenes, telling The Herald Sun, “What I’ve read is not what happens which is excellent. It hasn’t yet been released.

“Seeing Kylie back as Charlene was definitely a moment,” he continued. Very special, and I believe it was a real complete circle for them as well.

The actor Stefan Dennis told Daily Mail Australia, “I was really fortunate to appear alongside another two actors for the last sequence,” earlier this week, confirming that Neighbours mainstay Paul Robinson will unquestionably feature in the scene.


According to rumours, Jackie Woodburne, who portrays Susan Kennedy, a teacher, may also make an appearance in the film’s climactic sequence, however this has not yet been confirmed.

Later in the summer, the final episode of Neighbours airs on Channel 5.

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