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Neighbours boss on Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan return: ‘It wouldn’t feel right without them’


Neighbours has revealed that breakout stars Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan will reprise their roles as adored couple Charlene and Scott Robinson for the show’s final season, which will air after nearly 40 years.

According to a statement posted to Twitter on Sunday by soap boss Jason Herbison, the show is “thrilled” to be welcoming them back.

‘Scott and Charlene are the quintessential Neighbours pair, and it wouldn’t feel right to end the series without them,’ said the executive producer.

‘We are ecstatic that Jason and Kylie have returned home to play a pivotal role in our season finale…


‘For them, for us, and I’m sure for our viewers, it’s been an emotional experience.’

Herbison’s statements were posted alongside two photos that combined to produce a close-up photograph of a Neighbours script, complete with the show’s title, the names Scott and Charlene, and the location of Ramsay Street, the cul-de-sac where the show’s characters live.

These were the same photos – one each – that Jason and Kylie had uploaded on Instagram hours before, sending fans into a frenzy as they appeared to confirm the on-screen couple’s return.

The soap’s official Instagram account posted a heart eyes emoji on Jason’s picture as it shared its message on social media.


Viewers reacted positively to the post, with one fan praising Scott and Charlene’s 1980s heyday as “the golden days for Neighbours.”

‘We’re ecstatic about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! ‘Thank you so much for doing this for all of us,’ someone else said, tagging Kylie and Jason.

‘This means a lot to me!’ one of the fans wrote. ‘Not to detract from the amazing existing ensemble, but having Scott and Charlene return for the finale is absolute frosting on the cake!’

Another added the hashtags ‘#SaveNeighbours #Neighbours #CelebratingNeighbours’ and ‘#SaveNeighbours #Neighbours #CelebratingNeighbours.’


In March of this year, it was revealed that Neighbours will be ending after nearly 40 years on the air.

Around 20 million people tuned in to watch mechanic Charlene and journalist Scott’s wedding in 1987, in one of Neighbours’ most iconic sequences.

Kylie left the drama in 1988, and Jason joined his imaginary wife in Brisbane the following year, where they have lived (as far as we know) till now.

Scott and Charlene are expected to feature in the last episode of the show, which will premiere in Australia on Monday, August 1.

Jason came out against the cancellation of Neighbours earlier this year, saying that it was time to ‘celebrate’ the long-running sitcom.

‘To be honest, it’s kept my family working for a long time!’ ‘My daughter and father are both in it,’ he stated at the time.


‘Actors, producers, writers, and directors should be grateful for what it has given Australia.’

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