Monday, July 4, 2022

Home And Away Newbie Sam Reveals all on newcomer Chloe

Home and Away Star Sam Barrett spoke about what the future could bring for Ari Parata and show the newcomers Chloe and Mia Anderson.

Upcoming scenes on Channel 5 explore Ari’s history as Sam’s character Chloe comes to Summer Bay to confront him for years to come. Chloe was once the figure of the stepdaughter of Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), but he was cut off when he was sent to prison years ago.

Ari’s ex-partner, Mia (Anna Samson), also appears in the Bay as she discovers where Chloe is and tries to get her daughter back home. However, with the unfinished business between this once-happy family unit, Ari’s girlfriend, Mackenzie Booth, begins to feel left out in the cold.

Speaking of Chloe’s backstory, Sam said, “Chloe loves Ari. He’s the only father she’s ever met. He’s been growing up like a dad, and they haven’t seen each other for about ten years. This definitely hurts both of them – a lot of feelings unravel as things go on.

“It was immediately devastating for Chloe when Ari left, as he was a big part of her life. She also lost her life to Nikau and the Parata family, which is something she had to deal with.

“Not having a father figure in her teens is probably why she is so head-strong and resilient, but she never stopped waiting for that bond to come back.

“He’s been sorely missing in her life, and she needs answers because things have never really added to her why she’s gone from her life to Mia’s all that time.”

The next week, when she was in the Bay, Chloe learned that her mother, Mia, was actually responsible for cutting ties between them and Ari.

At the time, Mia didn’t tell Chloe about Ari’s incarceration, but instead let her assume he just walked out on them.

Discussing the fallout as soon as the facts came out, Sam went on to say, “Chloe loves Mia so much. I think loyalty is a big thing for any family.

Sam also declined to rule out the chance that Ari would potentially reunite with Mia – just as Mackenzie would begin to fear in future episodes.

She said that: “I think that Chloe loves Ari and Mia unconditionally. At the end of the day, she wants what’s best for her family. If that means they’re going to get back together, then she’ll support it. But it’s Chloe, and it’s not going to happen without her talking her mind on how she feels along the way.”

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