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Home and Away’s Theo Poulos to come clean over dark secret


Next week, Theo Poulos of Home and Away will confide in his ex-girlfriend Kirby Aramoana after going too far with Valerie Beaumont.

Theo recognises he needs help because Valerie’s issues are becoming too much for him to handle alone.

Theo notes that Valerie’s need on narcotics to get through the day is growing in the Channel 5 programmes that air next week.

Theo is also concerned that Valerie is becoming overly reclusive in their home, even after being graciously welcomed in by Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan.


Theo admits to Valerie that he didn’t take the last medication she provided him because he wants to be honest with her. He explains that their continued drug use is making him think twice.

Valerie takes this discovery very badly, accusing him of betraying her and destroying their relationship.

Theo meets with Kirby in need of advice and admits that he is now uncomfortable around Valerie. Although Kirby has known for some time that Theo and Valerie take drugs, she was not aware of the extent of their use.

Kirby argues that Valerie needs professional help, and Theo is relieved to hear that.


When Valerie sees Theo and Kirby having a nice conversation at the diner, things take a bad turn. Fearing that her lover is betraying her with his ex, she runs off.

Theo pursues Valerie and acknowledges that he told Kirby about her drug usage and her painful past, which included how her brother’s death had a significant impact on her.

Now that her secrets are in jeopardy, Valerie thinks about packing up and leaving the Bay, but Theo begs her to stay and begin to trust him.

Valerie takes out two additional pills, clearly indicating that one is for her and one is for Theo, misinterpreting this challenge.


Valerie keeps saying they’re in this together, which makes Theo uneasy, but he unwillingly swallows the pill to please her. How far would Theo go to maintain Valerie’s closeness at the expense of his own well-being?

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