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Home and Away’s Theo and Chloe make a big decision over their relationship


In soap operas, finding true love is never simple, and Home and Away is no exception. However, in scenes that will run on Channel 5 next week, one young couple seems poised to succeed.

Theo is evading questions from a nosy Leah as next week starts, and the couple in question is Theo and Chloe.

Leah, who is not one to give up easy when she is determined, decides to take the initiative and organise a family dinner after speaking with Marilyn and instructing Theo to ask Chloe over to join them.

Theo is not particularly excited about the notion, and he quickly realises that he has every reason to be worried when Leah enters full-on overprotective mode.


Theo is humiliated when Leah uses the meal as an opportunity to grill Chloe about Theo, interrogating her about her motivations and trying to determine whether she is sincere about her affections for him.

And Chloe herself does not enjoy being the one being interrogated at the dinner table, so Theo is not the only one who is uncomfortable with Leah’s activities.

Leah realises she went too far and later seeks Chloe out to apologise and give an explanation when she leaves early and without warning while making an excuse.

Leah expresses her concern for Theo and gently advises her to exercise caution with him because of the intensity of his affections for her.


When Chloe visits Theo to talk things over, it appears as though Leah has finished damage control despite having started the issues in the first place.

Theo opens the door expecting the worst and waits for her to gently lower him inside. When she informs him that she wants to formalise things, he is the only one who is taken aback.

Chloe and Theo are now engaged, but will their relationship be easy going?

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