Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Neighbours’ Clive Gibbons to face affair suspicions in new story


In a brand-new sensational narrative, Neighbors newcomer Byron Stone is ready to cause trouble for his mother Jane Harris and her relationship with Clive Gibbons.

Jane and Clive’s relationship appears to be in jeopardy after Joe Klocek’s appearance in Erinsborough as Jane’s son Byron earlier this month. Byron learns that he might have an astonishing connection to his mother’s boyfriend.

In following scenes, Byron, who leads a double life as a gigolo, attends a family meal and becomes uneasy when he hears Clive’s voice.

Upon recognising Clive, Byron realises that his mum’s lover may be connected to Danielle, one of Clive’s clients.


Byron attempts to learn more about Clive and Danielle’s relationship since he thinks his mother is being duped.

Byron’s sister Nicolette is investigating on her own in the meantime, but when she confronts her brother, Byron admits that they are dealing with a far bigger issue.

Byron encounters a few annoying roadblocks despite his resolve to show that Clive is having an extramarital affair with their mother.

As Byron and Nicolette collaborate, they discover that they are becoming closer and even more in agreement than they have ever been.


Is Byron truly correct to be wary of Clive as the siblings grow closer?

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