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Home and Away’s Tane Parata faces baby backlash in 31 spoiler pictures


Monday, April 29: Levi is concerned about both at home and abroad.Channel Five
They may have just revealed their covert relationship.
In another scene, Mackenzie Booth and Levi Fowler, who are secret lovers, worry that someone has noticed them after an awkward public kiss.

Monday, April 29: Levi isn’t feeling well.
He and Eden have been fighting once more about their family’s history, specifically their father’s extramarital affair.

April 29, Monday: Levi lashes out at Mackenzie
Eden’s negative attitude towards their father seems irrational to him.

April 29, Monday: Mackenzie makes an effort to console Levi
Their personal relationship goes on.


On April 29, Mackenzie gives Levi a kiss.
This is the first time they have caved in to temptation in front of others.

On Monday, April 29, Mackenzie is able to quell Levi’s grievances.
But by seeming so infatuated, they’re running a very big risk.

Monday, April 29: Levi and Mackenzie are both terrified
They see Alf not far away.

On April 30, a Tuesday, Justin confides in Alf
Leah’s impending return from the clinic worries him.


Tuesday, 30 April: Alf provides some assistance
He expresses his support for Justin clearly.

April 30, a Tuesday: Alf thinks Justin and Leah can make things work.
Will he be shown to be right?

Tuesday, 30 April: Mackenzie follows Alf
If he spotted her with Levi, she wants to know. Alf doesn’t seem to have noticed anything, though, since he is preoccupied with thoughts of the negative Coastal News piece that was published about Tane and the infant.

Wednesday, May 1: Tane keeps looking after Maia.
After discovering the infant on the shore, he has become too concerned for her welfare.


Wednesday, May 1: There are concerns about Tane’s attitude.
It seems to his pals that he should back off.

May 1, a Wednesday: Rose is also engaged in the case of the infant.
Maia’s parents have been the focus of the police’s extensive search.

Wednesday, May 1: Tane is prepared to go above and beyond.
Because he thinks he’s the only person Maia has right now, he bonds with her.

May 1, a Wednesday: Mali is concerned.
He worries that Tane’s intervention may result in sobs.

Wednesday, May 1: No one will talk down to Tane.
He’s convinced that what he’s doing is correct.

Thursday, May 1: Harper has some alarming information.
Tane’s decision to stay at the baby’s side was covered in an article published in the Coastal News.


May 1, Wednesday: Harper turns in the paper
The story raises questions about Tane’s intentions.

May 1, Wednesday: Tane is not happy.
He finds it unbelievable that the newspaper would misrepresent the facts in this way.

On Wednesday, May 1, the reporter Peter shows up at the hospital to speak with Tane. Tane tries to push Peter out of the ward and won’t speak with him.

May 2, Thursday: Felicity goes up to Mali
She would like to know how Tane is doing.

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