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Home and Away’s Ryder Jackson shares future plans as exit storyline begins


On UK screens next week, Home and Away begins Ryder Jackson’s leaving storyline.

Ryder’s farewell scenes aired in Australia lately, but he’ll be shown on Channel 5 until early next month.

The roots for Ryder’s departure are set in next week’s episodes, when he indicates that he may be pursuing a different career path.

Ryder has recently gotten a buzz from assisting Mackenzie Booth with her illicit poker evenings at Salt.


Despite his employment as a drink server, Ryder has liked watching the high-stakes games unfold and now wishes to be closer to the action.

When Felicity Newman notices Ryder practising card dealing during a break at Salt, she is taken aback.

Ryder also invites his buddies Bella Nixon and Nikau Parata over to the Parata house for a friendly card game. The only prize is free juice, but it’s an excellent opportunity for Ryder to polish his abilities.

Later, Ryder confides in Nikau about his ambition to one day work as a croupier in a casino.


Ryder’s ambitions are fueled by Nikau’s backing.

Ryder’s exit plot will find him leaving the Bay to work as a bartender on a cruise liner. Because the ship also has a casino on board, the new function offers room for growth.

After his final moments aired in Australia, Lukas Radovich, who played Ryder, discussed his departure on Instagram.

“What a wonderful ride,” he informed his fans. I’ll make it brief because I can’t adequately articulate how the last five years have felt or changed my life.


“I’ll miss the job, but most importantly I’ll miss the people.”

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