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Home and Away Spoilers – Justin left unconscious as Dimitri attacks


Justin is the target of Dimitri’s wrath after Theo disowns him next week on Home and Away in the UK, while Chloe opposes to Mia’s decision about their future…

After the truth about his abusive behaviour was finally disclosed to a distraught Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) last week, Theo (Matt Evans) had hoped he’d seen the last of his father Dimitri (Salvatore Coco).

Since he was 14, Theo had been the target of Dimitri’s rage, and he had confided in John Palmer (Shane Withington), pleading with him not to shatter Leah’s heart by revealing the truth about her eldest brother.

Last week’s events, in which Theo’s rage finally boiled over as he punched Dimitri to the floor in the surf club, left John with little choice.


Leah rushed Theo out to the city to see his mother Cassandra after telling him he’d never be mistreated by Dimitri again.

Things are looking great for Theo and Leah’s return this week—Theo has reconciled with his mother, and the rest of the Poulos family, including Leah’s parents Theo Sr and Helen, has rallied to their side.

However, Dimitri is still lingering like a bad odour, as a worried John informs Justin that he’s been spotted on the beach.

When John sees Ryder (Lukas Radovich) nearby, he asks if he might go check on Theo, stating that he needs a friend right now.


Back at home, Theo is taken aback when he opens the door to see Dimitri barging in, eager to continue their conversation about Theo moving back to the city with him. Dimitri claims to be concerned about Theo, claiming that he will never be able to survive in a little town like Summer Bay.

Things gradually heat up until being stopped by Ryder’s arrival, which causes Dimitri to flee.

Ryder can tell something is awry right away, and Theo quickly tells him everything.

Ryder proposes that Theo report the incident to the police, but Theo is sceptical because he lacks evidence. Theo believes he will never be able to escape his father…


Later that evening, Theo goes to meet Dimitri at Salt in a last-ditch effort to work things out.

Despite the fact that his techniques may not be for everyone, Dimitri assures Theo that he has always had his best interests at heart, and Theo quickly begins to feel Dimitri is speaking reason. Theo concurs that it would be best if they simply forgot everything and began again…

Leah and Justin are disturbed as Theo says that he may have been incorrect about his father after all when he exits Salt with Dimitri!

Leah recognises Dimitri’s emotional manipulation of Theo and refuses to let him into the house the next morning.

Theo comes out of his room as he begins to become angry, telling Leah that he’d do or say anything to get Theo back. He’s heard everything and has now recognised Dimitri for who he is.

Theo informs Dimitri that he’s no longer going to be his punching bag, furious with himself for even considering the prospect that he might be a good guy. Leah and Justin are now his family, and Justin has been more of a father to him than Dimitri has ever been in the last few months.


Dimitri, enraged by his son’s betrayal, walks over to the garage to argue with Justin, claiming that he and Leah have brainwashed Theo against him.

Justin urges Dimitri to leave, frustrated by his refusal to accept responsibility. But when Justin refers to Theo as a member of his family, Dimitri’s rage flares, and he punches Justin, knocking him unconscious on the garage floor…

Tane (Ethan Browne) is reeling in Summer Bay after Mia (Anna Samson) confessed she was preparing to leave the bay for good, taking daughter Chloe (Sam Barrett) with her.

Mia stated last week that she was struggling to stay in town after her husband Ari’s (Rob Kipa-Williams) death because she kept seeing him everywhere. In the meantime, Chloe had developed an obsession with her friend Bella, avoiding her bereaved mother (Courtney Miller).

It was only when Bella put an end to the situation that Chloe attempted to reconcile with Mia, and Mia realised how horrible things had gotten for her daughter. Mia believes that they both require a fresh start.

Tane says this week that Mia hasn’t thoroughly considered her options, but she has made up her mind. She’s already in the process of putting the gym into Tane’s sole ownership.

The only problem is that Mia hasn’t told Chloe about her decision, and it’s only when Tane queries how she’s been able to make so many plans without telling her that Chloe walks in and overhears…

“Explain yourself?”

Chloe is upset by the news, telling Mia that she can’t keep making decisions about her life on her own.

Chloe closes down the next day, snapping at Bella and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), who have been trying to move on with their friendship despite Chloe’s problems.

Marilyn (Emily Symons) urges Chloe to sit down and talk with her, telling her that she needs to remind Mia that she is capable of making her own life decisions.

Chloe apologises to Mia for avoiding the house in recent weeks; it’s only now that she realises that being at home allows her to feel closer to Ari, which brings her comfort.

Mia, on the other hand, reveals that she’s experiencing the exact opposite—that the continuous reminders are getting painful.

While Chloe understands Mia’s need to leave, she makes it clear that she will not be accompanying her—she will remain in Summer Bay.

Are Mia and Chloe going to have to part ways?

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