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Home and Away’s Rose Delaney issues jail warning after major storyline outcome


Rose Delaney of Home and Away has expressed concern that Irene Roberts would go to jail for her audacious choice to assist Dana Matheson and Harper.

In Tuesday’s Australian programme (September 12), Rose delivered some sobering news to Irene following the conclusion of Harper and Dana’s plot with the unscrupulous Detective Madden.

Over the past two weeks, Madden has been adamant on getting Dana arrested after her cunning ex-boyfriend Ollie set her up for drug offences. In an apparent attempt to keep Ollie out of jail, Madden put his own career in danger by becoming involved in the case.

Harper helped her sister hide out at Irene’s house when Dana was on the run by renting a room from her. When Irene learned of the siblings’ activities, she decided to assist them rather than turn them over to the authorities.


During Tuesday’s trip to Summer Bay, Madden abducted Dana and attempted to kill her, setting up the scene to appear as though a drug overdose had occurred by accident.

Luckily, Cash Newman, Dana’s other ally, and Harper were able to keep one step ahead and save Dana before the medications had a chance to take full effect.

At the hospital, Dana was able to regain consciousness long enough to tell Madden about her experience and secure his arrest.

Even though this was a good result, Rose was careful not to become too excited. She was afraid of what would happen to her police partner Cash, who had broken multiple regulations carelessly in order to assist Harper and Dana—even if he did it for the right reasons.


Rose clarified, saying, “Cash, I’m just frightened about you. Are you aware of the potential difficulty you could be in at this moment? Maybe Dana wouldn’t be in a hospital bed right now if you had brought her in instead of attempting to manage this on your own.”

Rose later criticised Irene in a similar manner, stating that even if Dana is innocent, the Director of Public Prosecutions may still prosecute her, Cash, and Harper for breaking the law.

Rose answered, “Honestly, yeah,” when Irene inquired about whether the authorities could still pursue a legal case. And you all might face jail time if they do.”

In late October, UK viewers of Home and Away will be able to watch these scenes on Channel 5.


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