Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Home and Away’s Roo and John to discover anonymous donor truth


John Palmer and Roo Stewart from Home and Away will at last find out who gave the Surf Club a $30,000 anonymous donation.

After Simon Henderson withdrew his sponsorship, the Club got the kind donation, but Roo and John have continued to have doubts regarding the source and authenticity of it.

To no effect, the couple even hired Cash to try and find out where the donation was coming from.

Scenes that will premiere in the UK the following week reveal that Cash, who recently left the police, is finding his new career in security uninteresting.


He calls the agency to beg for more hard work after receiving some advice from Felicity, but he ends up quitting when he’s told there’s nothing else available for him.

Alf stops by to thank Cash for giving Roo and John the false impression that he was the anonymous contributor, even though Cash has just begun looking for a new job.

Roo and John later report to Alf that they are still unable to locate the donor.

Alf eventually admits when it is evident that they are unwilling to let go of their fixation on locating the donor.


How will Roo and John respond to Alf’s declaration that he doesn’t want to hear anything more about it?

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