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Home and Away’s Matt Evans reveals heartbreak behind new project


Fans have been eagerly awaiting new music from Home and Away actor Matt Evans ever since he initially gained notoriety as a contestant on the singing reality series The Voice. The actor’s career, however, took an entirely unexpected turn after he was cast as Theo Poulos in the soap opera in 2021.

Although it initially appeared like Matt would be concentrating on acting, he tells Yahoo Lifestyle that music has always been his greatest passion. Unexpectedly, the celebrity was given a plot that had him showcasing his musical abilities in the fictitious band Lyrik.

A part of him wants to use his music to express his own story, even if he enjoys portraying Leah Patterson’s (Ada Nicodemou) nephew on the programme and being in the band.

The gifted singer’s debut song, Over It, a captivating earworm that addresses the awkward scenario of being stuck in a toxic relationship, was published on Friday. In the song, he learns that his “ideal girl” kept breaking her promises and tricking him.


I felt really gaslighted during that connection, and then she relocated to LA,” Matt explains. “It’s about a former relationship I had with a particular someone.

He continues, “It was two years ago, so I’m all right now,” before admitting he was “worried” about his ex’s reaction. He knew he had to warn her before he decided to write, record, and release the song.

He remembers writing, “This is coming out, just letting you know, I’m all good,” in a direct message to the woman. “I wasn’t sure how she would react, but I was doing it more as a form of protection to let her know that this music was about to be released. You shouldn’t assume that I’m really mad with you because I’m not.

He chuckles as he recalls her response, claiming that she really found it “awesome” and inquired as to whether it was a “diss track.”


But she was incredibly sweet. It’s good, then. And particularly with the passage of time, that also helps,” he claims.

Will Theo sing “Over It” on the programme?

Lyrik has been doing many unique music performances, and the band even shot a music video in Summer Bay. Matt, however, rejects the notion of playing any of his original songs on the programme.

He continues, “I haven’t even mentioned this song to the producers since I want to keep my personal music career distinct from the show.


“This is my original music, and it represents who I am. I’m telling my stories, not Theo’s.

Though he can’t currently schedule many shows or tours, he intends to one day use his success to launch a successful music career. Despite the “hectic” nature of his Home and Away schedule, he is considering starting with some acoustic performances.

“Getting the music out was the most important thing to me, and [touring and performing] would come second to [that],” he continues.

With the help of the Home and Away cast, Matt feels “fortunate.”

The Western Australian has been teasing his single on social media for some time now by posting clips, cover art, and other things. Many of his cast mates have been promoting his new song as a gesture of support for their friend.

In the makeup area, Emily Weir, who plays Mackenzie Booth, was seen dancing to it. Matt claims he doesn’t take their support for granted.


“I simply feel incredibly fortunate that everyone is so appreciative of the song. The music video for the song was also shot; it will be released in a few weeks. All the extras were my friends, and many of them were from the television show Home and Away, he reveals. They were dancing at my house party, which was a lot of fun.

He adds, “I’m extremely happy to have that. It’s a great supportive bunch of folks.

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