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Home and Away’s Bree to dump Remi in bike drama


Next week, Bree Cameron of Home and Away will break up with Remi Carter after learning the truth about his purportedly giving up of his beloved motorcycle.

Bree shows her lover Remi a lot of affection in scenes that will run on Channel 5 in the UK on Tuesday, April 30 and Wednesday, May 1. She also thanks Remi for choosing her over his bike when she gave him a choice to make following Remi’s frightening car accident.

Bree schedules Remi’s physiotherapy without realising that her boyfriend has secured Justin Morgan’s agreement to store Remi’s motorcycle.

Bree notices that something is off when she and Justin run into each other in the Diner, but she ignores it. Justin mentioned the bike. Remi covers up by telling Bree even more lies because he is determined to protect her from learning the truth.


Later on, Remi manages to gently approach Eden Fowler for assistance in keeping Justin silent, but Eden persuades Remi that he must be truthful with his girlfriend.

Reluctantly at first, Remi finally chooses to tell Bree the truth after realising that she deserves to know it. He tells his girlfriend that he lied to her about selling the bike and that he never really intended to do so.

Even after they promised to always be honest with one another, Bree is enraged and tells Remi that he lied to her while looking her in the eye. In an attempt to salvage their broken relationship, Remi begs Bree to explain to him how to make things right.

For Bree, however, there’s only one clear solution: Remi needs to give up his bike, once and for all. Remi, who is hesitant, acknowledges that he still has doubts but maintains that riding is a part of who he is.


Bree’s patience runs out when Remi won’t give up on his motorcycle. Bree clarifies things because she’s sick of Remi telling her what he thinks she wants to hear.

Remi has to decide between her and the bike, and since he hasn’t picked her, their relationship is finished. Does this mean that Remi and Bree’s journey is over?

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