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Home and Away’s Justin Morgan betrays Leah with new money plan


What will Leah do?

Lyric, a popular musical act in Summer Bay, appears to be on the verge of breaking up as their financial position deteriorates. Justin comes up with a solution after the band is forced to postpone their forthcoming shows… or merely make matters worse.

When Theo informs Justin that they must cancel all of their performances since they are unable to get themselves or their equipment to the venues, Justin realises he has the chance to make (what he believes to be) a sound financial investment.

The band is informed by Justin that he has a solution, but he must first speak with Leah about using some of their joint savings.


Instead of saying that he needs the money for the band, Justin tells Leah that he would use it to market the garage and attract new customers.

Leah is pleased to grant her approval because she is impressed that he wants to utilise the money for such a responsible purpose. But as soon as Justin tries to get out of letting Leah assist with creating the marketing strategy, her suspicions start to grow.

Quickly obtaining a van, Justin drives himself to rehearsals to personally break the good news.

The excellent news makes Kirby and Theo so happy that they kiss. Leah is upset when they tell her about what Justin did since she realises he lied to her, which is unfortunate for Justin.


Leah confronts Justin and expresses her disappointment in him, unable to contain her rage.

A cunning Justin attempts to escape the situation by claiming that his marketing strategy called for placing a sponsored advertisement on the side of the van to advertise the garage.

Will Justin listen to Leah when she warns him against trying to fulfil Theo’s musical ambitions at the expense of himself? Leah is not persuaded.

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