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Home and Away’s Justin devastates Theo with a big mistake


Next week on UK television, Justin Morgan from Home and Away makes a serious error when he asserts falsely that Theo Poulos has plagiarised.

In upcoming episodes of Channel 5, Justin goes too far in an effort to assist Theo with a crucial task.

Theo is finishing a TAFE (Technical and Further Education) programme in mechanics, which includes receiving written work and being trained by Justin at the shop.

When Theo is having trouble with his most recent assignment, Justin steps in and completes it.


Leah Patterson, Theo’s aunt, is outraged by her partner’s actions when she learns of this and warns him to set things right.

Reluctantly, Justin informs TAFE that he impeded Theo’s work. He is not aware, nevertheless, that Theo has already taken the proper action of his own free will by creating his own homework and turning it in instead of Justin’s.

Theo is happy to find that he achieved a distinction for the assignment, but his TAFE tutor calls him for disciplinary action since he believes, incorrectly, that Justin performed all the work.

Theo confronts Justin and explains that since he didn’t want to cheat and revised the project, he earned the distinction himself.


Although Justin does his hardest to clear up the situation with TAFE, it is useless because Theo is now the subject of suspicion.

Theo and the family are informed that the disciplinary action may potentially lead to expulsion, which makes things worse.

Theo is horrified by what has transpired, and Justin is angry with himself for making such a mess.

Theo learns later in the week that he can take an exam to demonstrate his skills.


Theo knows Justin and Leah believe in him, but he worries that he won’t handle the stress of exam conditions.

Is there a way Theo can clear his name?

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