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Home and Away’s Irene star Lynne McGranger shocks with pic of bloodied and bruised face


Star of Home and Away Lynne McGranger, who is most known for playing the endearing Irene Roberts, had a horrible mishap on Tuesday night that left her face battered and bloody.

The Australian TV personality, who has been a cast member since 1993, startled her admirers by sharing a photo of her injuries, which featured serious cuts on her upper and lower lip and painful red scratches all over her cheek, nose, and chin.

The 70-year-old Lynne clarified that everything happened really quickly, as one minute she was OK.

“You’ve face-planted the road after just one minute of walking your daughter and son-in-law’s dog with your MOG (mother of the groom),” the soap opera star wrote.


Fans of the adored Home and Away star soon showered the page with supportive comments.

One commented, saying, “Lynne, how shocking! Oh my goodness!” It must have shocked you. I’m hoping you get better soon.

“Aw, no! I mistook it for cosmetics. Take care of yourself, Lynne,” said a second.

Some attempted to trivialise the circumstance by remarking, “Ouch, now how to write that into the script.”


Along with her co-stars, Lynne was wished well by Ethan Browne, who portrays Tane on Home and Away. Browne said, “Damn, that looks really bad*ss! Thoughts for everyone’s well-being, Lynne.”

Just prior to the tragedy, Lynne posted another picture to Instagram in which she is seen grinning with the mother of her son-in-law while holding a black puppy in her lap.

Mother of her son-in-law, Annette, didn’t hesitate to weigh in and ensure that her admirers didn’t believe she was to blame for the mishap.

“I swear I didn’t push her or stumble over her. It wasn’t a good sight, poor love,” she wrote.


Since assuming the famous role of Irene from actress Jacquy Phillips in 1993, Lynne has been a fan favourite on Home and Away for a considerable amount of time.

Irene was reportedly originally intended to be a recurring character, but Lynne’s arrival quickly elevated her to a regular cast member status. Her tenure as a star on the popular Australian soap opera is among the longest.

The celebrity did, however, provide some personal life information when she released her memoir Acting Up: Me, Myself, and Irene two years ago. In it, she discussed her battles with drugs and an eating issue.

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