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Home and Away Spoilers – Leah and Theo go to the police over Dimitri


Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Dimitri faces charges after Theo discloses everything to the cops, while Rose visits the hospital after a challenge with Jasmine…

Last week, we left Justin Morgan (James Stewart) unconscious on the garage floor, having been punched by Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) older brother Dimitri (Salvatore Coco).

After a difficult few weeks, Leah and Justin heard that Dimitri had been using his son Theo (Matt Evans) as a punching bag since he was 14, everything had finally come to a head.

Leah told her brother how disgusted she was of him after the truth was revealed by Theo’s confidant John Palmer (Shane Withington), and as she hurried Theo out to the city to visit his other family, it was thought that they had seen the last of Dimitri.


Dimitri, on the other hand, had other ideas, and after he and Leah returned to Summer Bay, he was back on Theo’s case.

Theo decided to face his phobia head on and agreed to meet Dimitri in Salt on neutral ground, only to fall prey to Dimitri’s emotional manipulation. When Theo later stated that he’d misidentified his father and that he might be to blame for Dimitri’s rage, Leah was disgusted.

Thankfully, Theo’s position was short-lived when he overheard Dimitri telling Leah that he’d say anything to bring his son back under his own roof.

Dimitri decided to pay Justin a visit at the garage after Theo hit him where it stung by telling him that Justin had been more of a father to him than he’d ever been…


This week, Leah and Theo are surprised to find Justin barely conscious on the garage floor when he fails to answer his phone.

As Justin groggily tells Leah that Dimitri is to blame, Theo swiftly calls for an ambulance.

The police are called to the hospital, but Justin refuses to speak with them—Leah reminds Justin that just because Dimitri assaulted him doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be held accountable for his conduct.

Dimitri, in the end, is the one who draws the police’s attention. When Theo confronts his father about the hospitalisation of Justin, Dimitri refuses to accept responsibility, stating that he hardly touched him. As Dimitri tries to drag Theo into his car with violence, local constable Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) intervenes and takes them both to the station.


Cash informs Theo that he is concerned about him, but Theo remains silent. Meanwhile, Leah has made her own way to the police station to denounce Dimitri for assaulting Justin, concluding that something needs to be done.

As Dimitri tries to justify himself by blaming Justin for provoking him, Theo summons the strength to speak up—”Dad’s lying… He’s done it before… He’s the one who’s done it to me.”

Theo describes in explicit detail the history of violence perpetrated against him by his father, with Leah’s help.

Dimitri shows no remorse, insisting that Theo only needed a firm touch, even as Cash accuses him of assault and child abuse.

Dimitri realises there’s no way out as he’s forced to watch a replay of Theo’s heartbreaking interview…

The next day, Dimitri runs into Justin, Leah, and Theo at the diner for one more rendezvous.


Dimitri describes the charges against him and how the courts are likely to grant him a good behaviour bond along with anger management classes.

Despite the fact that Dimitri is still unable to admit that what he did was wrong or even bring himself to apologise to his kid, he expresses mixed emotions as he asks his sister to watch after Theo before they part for the last time…

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