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Home and Away’s Cash Newman struggles with guilt after shooting


Will Cash be able to move on?

In Home and Away, Cash finally emerges from his coma following his dramatic shooting, but he is greeted by some dire information.

In scenes that will run on Channel 5 in the UK the following week, Cash finds out that Jasmine won’t be coming back to Summer Bay and that he tragically killed a guy during the upsetting events a few weeks earlier.

Despite her reluctance to burden Cash with the information given his vulnerability, Felicity informs him that he killed Marty, a biker gang member. Cash, though, coerces her into telling the truth.


Cash is shocked by the information and is unsure of how to deal with the concept of taking someone’s life.

Feeling the weight of it all, Cash begins to panic and is frantic to speak to Rose to discover more about what transpired. Felicity is determined to be there for him, but Dr. Cameron eventually asks her to leave.

Felicity confides her frustrations to Tane after realising that Cash does not want her around. It quickly becomes apparent, though, that she must maintain her distance from Cash until he is ready to see her.

When it comes to Rose, she is relieved that Cash is awake but anxious about meeting him and having to describe the terrible incident.


When Rose eventually makes the trip to see him, things turn out much worse than she anticipated when a furious Cash demands the whole truth. Cash responds badly when Rose informs him she doesn’t know anything else that could help him.

After Rose has departed and Cash has calmed down, he considers whether Marty had any family members left behind before he passed away.

Bree’s suggestion that Cash think about visiting a therapist is not well received either. Cash appears to have a long journey ahead of him before he can even start to forget what happened.

Will there be someone who can assist him?


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