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Home and Away’s Cash in danger in shooting storyline cliffhanger


With Cash alone with the gunman, the ongoing shooter drama on Home and Away has left viewers with yet another suspenseful moment.

In yesterday’s episode of Home and Away that aired in Australia, Cash (played by Nicholas Cartwright) got a call from his security firm letting him know that Stevie’s (Catherine Van-Davies) stalker Sidney Wickham (Joshua McElroy) had been set free.

Sidney was detained pending trial and placed on remand, but for some reason—later revealed to be related to a mistrial—he was released without charge.

After months of following Stevie, during which he broke into her apartment and took pictures of her sleeping, he was finally taken into custody when he showed up with a knife at the All Our Tomorrows red carpet event.


Stevie assumed Sidney was safe since she was in jail awaiting trial. She had been spending the last several weeks getting ready to shoot her new romantic comedy in Summer Bay.

In yesterday’s episode, Cash went to Salt for a coffee while Stevie continued filming more sequences on the beach. However, catastrophe struck just minutes after Cash got the call informing him that Sidney was available.

Sidney moved while Cash hurried to the shore to alert Stevie that her stalker might be approaching. The stalker was shown to viewers peering through a sniper rifle before aiming the weapon at Stevie and pulling the trigger.

As beachgoers and crew members fled and the movie’s director Nelson (Mahesh Jadu) called for an ambulance, Stevie passed out in Cash’s arms.


After being taken to the hospital, Bree (Juliet Godwin) and Levi (Tristan Gorey) operated on Stevie.

Remi (Adam Rowland) urged Bree to tell him that Stevie would be alright when he arrived at Northern Districts, and eventually Bree made that promise.

Bree was later forced to betray her pledge to her ex-boyfriend, nevertheless, after she failed to revive Stevie after numerous attempts at resuscitation.

At the conclusion of Tuesday’s show, Cash went back home, still in shock that Stevie had passed away while under his care. He set a “Patient Belongings” bag down on the table while still sporting a blood-stained t-shirt when he heard a familiar voice say, “You took your time coming home.”


However, no one is aware that Sidney has returned to Saxon Avenue and is enslaving Cash.

Sidney is comfortably perched in one of the dining chairs, his hands clasped behind his head, while Cash occupies the sofa.

“Sidney, what are you doing here?” Cash inquires in a composed manner.

“I need to complete this,” he answers.

“All right, Sidney,” Cash responds, getting to his feet as he does so. This causes Sidney to leap from his chair, seize his rifle, and aim it right at Cash.

We’re left wondering whether anyone will reach Cash in time as he raises his hands.


Still, no one is aware that Sidney is back on Saxon Avenue, ensnaring Cash.

While Sidney comfortably reclines in a dining chair and rests his hands behind his head, Cash occupies the sofa.

How come you’re here, Sidney? Calmly, Cash asks.

He answers, “I have to finish this.”

Sidney jumps out of his chair, grabs his gun, and points it right at Cash when Cash says, “Okay, Sidney…” and gets up.

Cash raises his hands, leaving us to worry if anyone will reach him in time.

Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), who lives in Northern Districts, calls her boyfriend, but he doesn’t answer.

Bree asks Eden whether she’s worried about him as he leaves a voicemail.

“Yes, I should definitely go see how he’s doing.”

Bree says to her, “Be safe.” “The gunman’s location is still unknown even though we have the all-clear.”

“I’m going to.”

Is Eden going to confront Sidney and his pistol as well, as she exits the hospital and goes in pursuit of Cash?

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