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13 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Approaching Home and Away, Cash delivers Stevie from the deadly grasp of her stalker.

In other scenes, Levi chooses to dissolve his marriage, Leah drives Valerie from Summer Bay, and Dana and Xander are in love.

This is the complete set of 13 incredible moments.

  1. Levi makes an effort to clarify

Eden is in shock over learning about Levi and Mackenzie’s affair and how long it has been going on.


While Levi argues that his feelings for Mac are genuine and even goes so far as to say that they are in love, Eden believes that Levi is equally as wicked as their father, who cheated on them.

After that, Levi goes back to Mac’s house, where he can’t sleep and begins reading all the falsehoods he’s told Imogen in his texts.

  1. Eden exposes Mac and Levi’s liaison

Felicity reacts to Eden’s outburst regarding Levi and Mac’s treachery by throwing the dishonest surgeon out of Salt.

Felicity also gives Mac some hard-hitting reality checks for having an affair with another woman’s husband.


Eden, however, is still not willing to forgive Levi. When Levi finds out that Cash is aware of his affair, Eden tells Remi and Kirby right away. Levi is irritated.

  1. Levi looks at the speakers.

Levi presses Eden to understand that this is between him and Imogen and no one else while Felicity keeps picking on Mac.

Remarkably, Eden concurs with Levi and requests her friends to give her brother some space to be honest.

It won’t be long until Levi returns home to tell Imogen everything, but will he be able to truly shatter her heart?

  1. Mali and Rose argue about Tane

Because he abducted Maia, the infant, Tane is still being detained at the police station.

Harper tries to convince Rose of his argument, but the policeman reminds her that Mali and she might also be charged with crimes for their roles.

Rose confronts him and berates him for not disclosing her Tane’s hiding place; he is insulted that she worries more about that than the safety of their friend.

  1. Bail is given to Tane

When Tane’s court case ends well and the judge gives him bail, Tane’s supporters are relieved.

Harper notices the tension that exists between Rose and Mali and asks him about it. Although Mali acknowledges that their relationship isn’t perfect right now, she tells Harper that they must support Tane.

But when Tane concedes that he will likely spend the rest of his life in prison, they might be losing this war.

  1. Concerns over Stevie’s safety with Cash

When Stevie goes live on social media to reveal she would be attending a red carpet event for her upcoming film, Cash worries for her safety.

When Cash visits the location, he is appalled by the lack of security, which allows anyone—including Stevie’s stalker—to enter the building without any trouble.

He persuades Stevie to rehire him as her security after alerting her to the possible threats.

  1. Cash captures the stalker of Stevie

Cash detects danger as Stevie waves to a crowd of excited fans clamoring for an autograph.

His premonition is confirmed when a man who is believed to be Stevie’s enigmatic stalker materializes out of nowhere and charges at her.

Cash barriers After pursuing the attacker to an empty parking lot, Stevie overcomes him. Cash’s brave deeds are acknowledged by Stevie as he is hauled away in handcuffs.

  1. Justin reveals Valerie’s deplorable concealment

When Theo meets Valerie, she has a lot of explaining to do since he wants to know why she put narcotics in his guitar bag.

Theo agrees to accept responsibility for the drugs that were confiscated when Kirby, who is also on the warpath, threatens to tell Justin the truth.

Valerie exhales in relief, but her moment of calm is short-lived as Justin confronts her in front of Leah, asking her to explain how she got Theo involved in narcotics.

Valerie runs screaming from the house, unable to find the right words.

  1. Valerie is expelled from the Bay by Leah

On the beach, Kirby spots an emotional Valerie and persuades her to go back home and face Leah.

Valerie implores her friend to pardon her, but is shocked when Leah says she must return to the clinic and leave Summer Bay.

Valerie bids Theo a fond farewell and drives away, realizing she has hurt him enough already.

  1. Theo acknowledges that he needs assistance

Leah visits Theo after expelling Valerie from the Bay to give an explanation. She also subtly brings up the possibility of her nephew receiving drug abuse treatment.

Justin cuts them off with some crucial news: Valerie has turned herself in to the police, which means that Theo and Lyrik are no longer facing any charges.

Theo is itching to see Valerie, but Leah and Justin are stopping him.

Theo approaches Bree for assistance after realizing, after consulting Remi, that he must take action before he reaches his lowest point.

  1. Rose needs to make a decision.

When Sarge offers Rose the choice of whether to file charges against Mali and Harper, Rose is left with a difficult choice.

After she confides in Xander, he unintentionally tells Dana the truth. The next thing Rose knows, Dana is at her door pleading with her not to punish Mali and her sister.

Rose chastises Xander for talking about her police work in public, but she gets some advice from Irene on how to proceed.

  1. The connection between Rose and Mali is precarious.

When Mali finds out that his girlfriend is controlling his destiny, he acknowledges that there isn’t much he can do about it—especially since he hasn’t spoken to Rose in days.

Rose confronts Tane in the meanwhile to find out the whole truth regarding Harper and Mali’s role in Maia’s abduction.

He clarifies that they both attempted to persuade him to act morally, and Rose decides she won’t be filing any charges. Can she still save her friendship with Mali, though?

  1. Xander approaches Dana

Promotion – Go On Reading Below, Dana apologizes to Xander for putting their friendship in jeopardy with Harper’s meddling and expresses relief that she is off the hook.

She apologizes in her usual rambling manner, but Xander pulls her in for an intense kiss at the end. Is this the beginning of a fresh love story?

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