Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Neighbours spoilers: Devastating exit story revealed for Ned Willis as he leaves Ramsay Street


Tissues are on hand. Fans of Neighbours will rejoice when Ned Willis (Ben Hall) decides it’s time to leave Erinsborough for greener pastures.

The artist has been fighting his affections for Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) since they succumbed to temptation and had sex earlier this year, as viewers are aware.

On the morning of Amy Greenwood’s (Jacinta Stapleton) big day at Fashion Week, passion erupted between the two once more, leaving Ned feeling guilty.

He resolves to do the right thing and stop his relationship with Amy, but he isn’t given the chance since photos of him and Harlow are plastered throughout one of Amy’s fashion show gowns!



Amy is heartbroken by Ned’s treachery, and despite his best attempts, she refuses to listen to him explain himself.

Harlow, on the other hand, wants to give things a proper shot now that their relationship is public. In the aftermath of what has happened, Ned, on the other hand, has his reservations about a future with Harlow.

He’s stuck between the two women in his life, so he seeks advice from Roxy (Zima Anderson).


The chat is extremely beneficial, as Ned realises that the matter is simply too complicated to work out with either Amy or Harlow, and therefore he comes to a decision.

He’ll be leaving Erinsborough!

Ned doesn’t waste any time in alerting his loved ones of his upcoming departure, and he goes around saying farewell to almost everyone.

He has no idea, however, that Amy is worried about becoming pregnant! Her test is eventually negative, and she has a sorrowful moment with Ned in subsequent scenes.


Before Ned waves goodbye to Ramsay Street and sets off for a new start in Sydney, the two say their goodbyes, with images indicating that they even exchange an embrace.

You’re sobbing, not laughing!

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