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Neighbours’ Ned Willis and new Sheila Canning are caught out over their secret feelings


It’s only a matter of time before it happens.

In forthcoming scenes, Neighbours sets up Sheila Canning and Ned Willis to be taken off guard as they discuss their increasing love for one another.

Sheila (Shareena Clanton) realises that she has been attempting to fill a gap in an attempt to deal with her grandmother’s death by using work as a coping mechanism. Sheila is forthright and believes that it is better for her to return to Washington State to grieve properly.

Sheila and Ned (Ben Hall) have a private talk about how they’re feeling before leaving, emphasising on the discomfort between them.


Sheila has only been in Erinsborough for a few weeks. She arrived to The Hive to discuss the sale, and it was there that she met Ned, the Hive’s manager.

Sheila and Ned got along exceptionally well during a painting session, and there was a love spark between them. This didn’t go unnoticed, as Bea Nilsson suspected there was something going on between them.

This was a major issue, especially for Ned, who is presently involved with Yashvi Rebecchi.

Sheila advises Ned to be honest with Yashvi and explain what transpired between them during their impending talk. Despite the fact that there was no physical contact, they were emotionally attached.


However, when conversing in the podcast booth, the technology records the entire discussion, leaving Sheila and Ned up to be caught off guard.

Will Sheila and Ned realise what’s happened, or will their chat be overheard and exposed by someone else?

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