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Home and Away welcomes new character Cash Newman


With the arrival of Senior Constable Cash Newman, Home and Away is ready to unveil its newest police officer. In this Monday’s episode, he comes in Australia and immediately causes a commotion by arresting Justin Morgan.

Cash, played by Nicholas Cartwright, is Summer Bay’s newest officer, having arrived just months after the town’s previous senior constable, Colby Thorne, was sentenced to jail.

He’s in for a hectic first week in the bay, as he investigates a death find and has to arrest one of the town’s most cherished people.

The new police officer in Summer Bay


Senior Constable Newman made his first appearance in a commercial for this week’s dramatic episodes, in which a fisherman discovers a death in the harbour. As the people assemble to find out who it is, Stephen (Bren Foster), another newcomer to Summer Bay, explains that it was Justin (James Stewart) who placed him in the hospital after a vicious beating.

Cash makes his first arrest as a result of Justin’s blunder, which stems from his persistent drug addiction and jealously over Leah and Stephen’s budding closeness.

In Monday’s episode, he shows up to the Morgan residence and immediately makes an impression, telling Justin, “My name is Senior Constable Newman, and you’re under arrest for the assault of Stephen Tennyson.”

He’s also a key figure in the investigation into the mysterious body and Mackenzie’s disappearance. Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is going to question him about his sister’s disappearance, and Cash is going to question him whether he filed a missing person’s report.


It appears that he’ll also have to calm tensions between Dean and John (Shane Withington), as Dean grows increasingly frightened that the body they’ve discovered is his sister’s.

Cash is played by 33-year-old Nicholas Cartwright, a former army rifleman who has had deployments in East Timor and Afghanistan. Speaking to PerthNow, Cartright explained that he first started out signing in a rock/blues band, and that “the army was the anomaly” in his career.

He entered the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) after leaving the defence service, where he met his future co-star Ethan Browne, who joined Home and Away in 2020 as Tane Parata. Cartwright, who recently graduated from acting school, is reconnecting with Browne in his first television role.

“I remember laughing with Ethan when he initially started on the programme because they toss you out topless as soon as you start working,” Cartright explains.


Despite the fact that this is Cartwright’s first TV job, he feels the army provided him with valuable experience that prepared him for the world of acting. He told PerthNow, “I believe having a military experience and knowing of rank and things like that really helps to get into a job like this.”

He came to Instagram on Wednesday to introduce himself, just days before his debut on Australian television.

It takes a village. Extremely proud and excited to go live with my new family @homeandaway in the coming days.
Can’t thank the cast and crew enough for helping me out along the way. Here’s me getting ready for set with our den mother @lauravazquezbeauty


While he generally wears his police uniform, it appears that we’ll be seeing his character Cash in a suit and boot in the near future.

One of the show’s makeup artists, Katy Clucas, shared a photo on Instagram with Cartwright and Laura Vazquez, the show’s Head of Hair and Makeup, captioned, “Cashies Angels ? welcome @_nicholas_cartwright_ ft best.” @lauravazquezbeauty is the ultimate boss.


Cartwright is dressed slickly in a pinstripe suit jacket, and two members of the hair and cosmetics crew are dressed as Charlies Angels.

Cash Newman, Senior Constable, who is he?

While we don’t yet know what’s in store for Home and Away’s new cop, we do know a little something about what’s in store for him. Early this week, we’ll see him arrest Justin Morgan, but it appears like he won’t be the first Summer Bay resident Cash marches down to Yabbie Creek Police Station.

At the second week of January, he was first seen filming scenes in Palm Beach, when he was seen taking Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) out of the surf club.

Cash warns Dean to pull his head in as he explains he isn’t there to play referee between squabbling siblings, and Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is forced to call him in after Dean causes some aggravation in Salt, and Cash warns Dean to pull his head in as he explains he isn’t there to play referee between squabbling siblings.

Within a few months after landing in Summer Bay, Cash is expected to be romantically connected with Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost). Fans of the programme have noticed Frost and Cartwright strolling arm in arm and kissing while filming scenes together on Sydney’s Palm Beach. The photographs below were captured by CelebTime, the Tour to Home and Away’s organisers.

Jasmine hasn’t had much luck with love; she married Robbo Shaw in 2019, but he perished in the early months of 2020 after his friend and police colleague Scott Larkin, who had been corrupted by the Ouroboros gang, drove them off the road.

She just rekindled her romance with an old sweetheart, Lewis Hayes. Lewis, on the other hand, was still grieving the death of his wife Anna, and his sorrow drove him to try to assassinate Christian Green (Ditch Davey).

Hopefully, she’ll get along better with the town’s newest cop.

In Monday’s episode of Home and Away in Australia, Nicholas makes his debut appearance as Senior Constable Cash Newman. UK audiences will have to wait a bit longer, since his premiere will be on Friday, July 23rd.

Here are all of the spoilers for this week’s episodes of Home and Away in Australia:

Monday, June 14th (Episode 7583)

Tori isn’t going to save Justin in this situation. The news of Justin’s assault spreads around the Bay. Dean’s worry for Mackenzie is felt across the neighbourhood.

Tuesday, June 15th (Episode 7584)

The Bay is on a mission to figure out who’s body is floating in the ocean. Justin makes an attempt to make apologies. Dean is a doomsayer. Ari receives some shocking information.

Wednesday, June 16th (Episode 7585)

Mac puts out a greater effort. John gets questioned by the cops. Justin and Leah had a quarrel about Susie.

Thursday, June 17th (Episodes 7586-7588)

Irene has been identified as a suspect. Mac comes to a halt. Justin’s attempts at apologies fell flat.

Leah and Justin are on the verge of collapsing. Tori issues an ultimatum to Justin. Mia receives a distressing phone call.

Bella and Emmett demonstrate their abilities. Nikau is the target for Sienna. Roo has a guest who isn’t expecting.

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