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Home and Away to introduce Remi Carter’s parents


Prepare to meet the parents of another Summer Bay local as the episode will present Remi Carter’s (Adam Rowland) frequently mentioned parents.

Brian Meegan and Kate Raison, who are married in real life, will portray Graham and Nicola Carter.

Since Remi’s July show debut, it has been revealed that his parents are well-known classical musicians who play in one of the city’s orchestras. Nicola plays violin and Graham plays oboe. The two have played all over the world.

Brian Meegan and Kate Raison, a married pair, will portray Graham and Nicola Carter. (Photos: LMCM)


They sent Remi to boarding school when he was younger, and it is assumed that this helped them become rather wealthy through their careers (which he was subsequently expelled from).

Having given him his first guitar at the age of four so he had something to do while he accompanied them on tour, Remi’s parents undoubtedly would have prefered that their son follow in their footsteps. However, when he and his high school friends Kirby (Angelina Thomson), Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), and Bob (Rob Mallett) formed Lyrik, Remi decided to take his skills to an entirely different genre of music.

Eden suggested that Remi seek his parents for a loan when Lyrik, without Bob and with Theo (Matt Evans), was trying to raise money for an album, but he flatly rejected the notion.

Remi did, however, make use of his parents’ connections in the business a few weeks prior when they provided him and Justin (James Stewart) with the contact information of a music lawyer following Kirby’s new producer Forrest (Elijah Williams)’s prohibition against Lyrik using any of her compositions.


After determining that Lyrik had little credibility through their off-screen meeting in the city, Remi and Eden decided to try writing their own original stuff. In an attempt to spark inspiration, Remi proposed that they take a vacation at his parents’ vacation house, or “Castillo de Carter,” as Eden referred to it.

While their resumes have verified their positions in the show, we are now unsure of the precise release date for Graham and Nicola’s on-screen appearances.

We have now met the parents of the more recent cast members four times in the last year. Two weeks ago, we witnessed Rose (Kirsty Marillier) get to know her biological father, Samuel Edwards (Bert LaBonte); this came just a month after Ursula Yovich was revealed as Mali’s (Kyle Shilling) mother.

In addition, Peter Phelps made his screen debut as Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) foster father Gary Morrow, played by Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), last year.


Notable on-screen appearances for Kate Raison include her three-year run as Cathy Hayden in A Country Practise and her 2019–2020 portrayal of Finn Kelly’s mother Claudia Watkins in Neighbours.

In Neighbours, Kate played Claudia, Finn’s mother.

Nonetheless, she and her spouse Brian Meegan are primarily recognised for their vast theatrical career, having shared the stage three times as a fictitious pair.

In addition, the two represent Kirribilli’s Ensemble Theatre as its ambassadors. A recent marketing video featuring them is shown below.

In reality, Kate is making her third appearance on Home and Away in the role of Remi’s mother, Nicola.

Her first performance was 33 years ago, during a five-week period in 1990, as Alf Stewart’s cousin Jennifer Atkinson (Ray Meagher).


Jennifer had returned to her childhood home of Summer Bay while escaping her violent husband Daniel (Ken Radley). She made waves when she had a brief affair with Steven Matheson (Adam Willits) while she was in the city, not realising that he was actually a 17-year-old schoolboy and not the 19-year-old TAFE student he claimed to be.

Following a confrontation with Daniel that ended their relationship, Jennifer left town and was quickly forgotten about. Cousin Alf was never informed of her departure or saw again, which is strange because she had always considered him to be her “big brother.”

Later, in two episodes in September 1998, Kate played Paula Rogers, the solicitor that Alf & Ailsa (Judy Nunn) discussed with regard to suing the council after Duncan’s (Lewis Devaney) injury. Joy Smithers, who would eventually reprise the part, had performed the guest character in an earlier appearance.

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