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Home and Away promo shows Cash in battle to rescue Dana


Cash and investigator Madden will square off in an explosive confrontation on Australia’s Home and Away next week as Cash seeks to defend Dana from the dishonest investigator.

The dramatic conclusion of tonight’s Australian episode included Detective Madden (Jonny Pasvolsky) apprehending Dana (Ally Harris) as she emerged from hiding, but instead of escorting her to the Yabbie Creek police station, Madden vanished with her.

The arrival of sisters Harper (Jessica Redmayne) and Dana Matheson, who will debut on UK screens in late September, has been witnessed by Australian fans recently.

Harper has been Dana’s protector ever since she was set up by her boyfriend Olly to steal cocaine from her employment. Dana has been on the run ever since.


Daniela Matheson and Harper

In order to establish Dana’s innocence, Harper got them a room at Irene’s (Lynne McGranger) house; however, Irene was unaware that Harper was staying with her. To further support her case, Harper called on an old friend, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

It didn’t take Cash long to realise that the entire case depended on the fact that Dana’s passcard had been used to enter the hospital’s stores.

As soon as Detective Will Madden, the chief investigator, drove up from the city to ask Cash why he had begun investigating the case, Cash began to have his doubts about him. Eventually, he came to the conclusion that Olly and Madden were conspiring to frame Dana.


When Irene got back to Summer Bay yesterday, Harper was behaving agitated and had hurriedly cleaned the Beach House to cover up any signs of Dana’s visit. A knock on the door shortly after they were there signalling Madden’s intention to bring Harper in for more interrogation.

When Harper refused, Irene stepped in and informed Madden that Harper wouldn’t be leaving without a warrant, instead of questioning why a police officer needed to speak to her lodger.

Irene claimed that she coerced the two sisters into disclosing everything since she knew Harper was concealing someone in the bedroom. Irene chose to assist the two after having Cash verify their accounts. She informed Harper that she wouldn’t abandon two defenceless ladies.

We met James Biasetto’s character, Detective Fletcher, a corrupt police officer, in tonight’s episode. Fletcher was assisting Madden by keeping tabs on Cash’s every move. Following up on Cash’s suggestion that he report Madden to the anti-corruption board, Fletcher texted Madden to inform him that they were running out of time.


Not long afterwards, Harper was handed an arrest warrant by Madden and Fletcher as they stormed into the beach house.

Dana revealed herself to the two shady investigators as she hurried out of the bedroom before Harper could be taken into custody.

Irene and Harper were taken aback when they arrived at Yabbie Creek station before Dana and Harper, having hurried to meet Dana there.

A new teaser for the episodes airing next week indicates that Detective Madden keeps Dana hidden and that she never makes it to the police station.

The new trailer poses the question, “How do you stop a dirty cop?” over a scene that shows Madden donning ominous black leather gloves.

It becomes clear from a broader view that Madden is holding Dana captive in a rusted metal warehouse.


Cash alerts Rose (Kirsty Marillier) to the worrying situation: “Dana went missing after being arrested earlier.”

“Missing, what do you mean?” Rose queries.

Cash answers, “We need to find her before it’s too late.”

Rose is aware, though, that they are powerless without proof.

In the episode that airs on Monday, Cash informs Rose, “He’s obviously covering something up.” She concurs, but she wants them to follow the book’s instructions: “He is, but there’s nothing we can do about it until we have some proof.”

The narration in the promo says, “Two cops, a showdown,” while we see Dana restrained to a chair.

In another teaser for Monday’s show, Madden warns fellow shady cop Fletcher against moving until he has proven his alibi.

Madden continues, “We’ll tidy this mess up once and for all.”

Dana doesn’t return to the Yabbie Creek police station, but Madden does, and he confronts Cash and Harper there, wanting to know where Dana has been.

“If you have injured her, I swear..” Cash cuts Harper off, saying, “Can you get her out of here?”

As we watch Dana strike Fletcher over the head with the chair she was previously tied to, the voiceover declares, “Only one can survive.”

As she and Irene stroll through the parkland of Summer Bay, a worried Harper remarks, “This is going to end really badly.”

After momentarily controlling Fletcher, we witness Dana calling a friend in need of assistance.

Fletcher, who has now regained consciousness, pulls her from behind and covers her lips before she can inform the person on the other end where she is.

He has a tight grip even when she kicks out.

“You were suspicious,” Cash says to Madden. However, I didn’t anticipate you going this far.

Madden says, ‘You’re getting in my way.

In the teaser, Dana begs Madden and Fletcher to “please don’t do this,” but her pleas are ignored.

Madden warns her, “By the time they find you, it’ll be too late.”

Another scene shows two police cars accelerating towards the complex.

“Please, Cash, get her back home. Please give me my sister back, Harper begs.

Cash eventually makes it to the complex.

He says Madden, “You’re not gonna get away with this,” but the detective doesn’t even appear to be slightly concerned that he’s been located.

“Acquire what?” he asks ironically.

Will Cash be able to expose Madden’s corruption while also saving Dana?

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