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Home and Away’s Emily Symons opens up on Emmerdale stint and what she misses most


More than ten years after leaving Emmerdale, Home and Away star Emily Symons shared what she misses most about the soap opera.

The 54-year-old actress made her debut in 1989 and gained much of her notoriety as Marilyn Chambers on the Australian serial opera.

She stayed on the drama for three years before moving to the UK, however her absence was short-lived as she returned to the show from 1995 until 1999.

Emily stayed away from Summer Bay for nine years until moving back in permanently in 2010, following Marilyn’s return there in 2001.


However, viewers of Emmerdale will remember that Emily lived in Louise Appleton during her nearly ten-year hiatus from the Channel 5 soap opera.

With her seven-year run as the Woolpack barmaid ending in 2008, Emily made her stage debut as Louise in 2001.

Love-wise, unlucky After a series of failed relationships, Louise killed businessman Ray Mullan after realising he was her covert stalker.

The blonde beauty talked about her favourite things she missed from Emmerdale and reflected on her happy memories of the show in a recent interview with RadioTimes.


“On Emmerdale, we had a great social life,” she remarked. “I really miss that part of it, since I met so many amazing friends up there. The friendship is truly unique.”

Emily said, “Charley Webb is still a very dear friend,” and disclosed that she maintains contact with a number of her former co-stars. Additionally, I communicate with Sheree Murphy and Mark Charnock via Instagram.

Emily has worked on soap operas for more than half of her life, so it’s encouraging to hear that she still finds great joy in it.

“I adore my job in soap,” she had previously said to the magazine. It’s a fantastic medium, and the authors are incredibly creative to produce these stories year after year with fantastical, magical circumstances. It’s not simple.


“I am glad to be back in Australia with my real family and my TV family, even though I had a great time on both shows!”

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