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Home and Away to confirm Justin and Leah’s fates in 2024 scenes


In brand-new 2024 scenes, fans of Home and Away in the UK will soon learn what happened to Justin Morgan and Leah Patterson.

November saw a pause in the Australian soap opera on Channel 5, and the UK finale ended on a big cliffhanger with the duo being abducted by the Vita Nova cult and left to die in an abandoned warehouse.

Monday, January 1, Tuesday, January 2, and Wednesday, January 3 will see the premiere of new episodes in which Leah battles to save her life and that of Justin by using the rusting ladders to escape the factory and informing her fiancé that she is getting help.

Leah starts having hallucinations while Justin is dead on the factory floor, lost in the middle of nowhere.


When a car eventually comes to a stop on the abandoned road, Leah asks the driver for assistance. Justin is unconscious when she and the paramedics get back at the factory.

Leah feels guilty for abandoning up on Justin when he needed her when Dr Bree at the hospital informs her that he isn’t stable enough to operate on quite yet.

Later, as Justin’s condition rapidly worsens, Bree gets ready to operate despite the risks and informs Leah that there is now no other option for the hospital staff.

Watching helplessly as Bree and her colleagues wheel Justin into surgery is a distraught Leah. Despite surviving the procedure, Justin has lost a significant amount of blood, and the anaesthesia he is receiving raises the possibility of organ failure.


Is he going to make it through this?

The actor who plays Justin, James Stewart, had an exclusive interview with Digital Spy last month regarding the UK premiere of the last episode.

“I heard about it after we shot it, but I didn’t know it was the UK finale at the time,” he remarked.

“It truly merits a shocking ending. I believe you guys are our second-largest audience, so it’s appropriate to leave the UK on a high note. You guys adore the programme, and without the UK, we definitely wouldn’t be here.”


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