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Home and Away ties up loose end from Theo and Dimitri storyline


The conclusion of Theo Poulos reporting his father Dimitri for his violent behaviour has been revealed on Home and Away.

This year, Theo boldly opened up about his tragic history, saying that Dimitri was aggressive towards him as a child in a major subplot.

Dimitri paid a visit to Summer Bay and viciously attacked Justin Morgan in recent episodes in Australia, bringing this narrative to a head.

When the situation became a police matter, Theo informed the authorities that this was not the first time Dimitri had lost his cool. He subsequently made a public statement about the childhood abuse he suffered.


Leah Patterson reported that Dimitri had finally faced the penalties and been punished in court in Tuesday’s show on Channel 7 (May 3).

“Dimitri got a good behaviour bond for two years, plus he has to attend an anger management course,” Leah told Irene Roberts during a shift at the Diner.

“Hopefully, it will assist Theo in moving forward.”

Unfortunately, Theo was hit with yet another setback when he learnt that his first TAFE (Technical and Further Education) assignment had been failed.


Theo is now pursuing a mechanic’s apprenticeship, but he made a rookie error by failing to turn in his first assignment on time.

Both Ziggy Astoni, Theo’s colleague, and Ryder Jackson, Theo’s friend, were supportive, pointing out how much pressure he had been under recently.

Despite this, a discouraged Theo revealed that he was ready to give up and walk away from the training entirely. Can his loved ones persuade him to change his mind?

In June, Home and Away fans in the United Kingdom will be able to witness these moments on Channel 5.


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