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Home and Away star Nicholas Cartwright announces his sister will be joining the Summer Bay cast


The actors and crew of Home and Away are frequently referred to as one big happy family.

And things are about to get even more family-oriented on the Summer Bay set!

On Tuesday night, Nicholas Cartwright, who plays police officer Cash Newman, revealed that his sister Zara would be joining the Summer Bay circle.

We can’t wait to see them on screen together! The 33-year-old shared a series of behind-the-scenes photos of himself and Zara.


“I’m not sure if you’ve seen the trailer, but my gorgeous lil sister will be joining us this week on @homeandaway!” he wrote.

“On set, I’ve never had more fun.” Between takes, it was nearly impossible not to look across at her and giggle heartily. Working with family in such a strange world is such a lovely experience.

“Welcome to @nottherealzarazoe’s crew!” Keep an eye on us to see what we’re up to ?‍♂️?‍⚖️”

Fans of Home and Away, as well as Nicholas’ fellow actors and crew, were ecstatic to hear the news.


“Best looking siblings in the biz,” said Summer Bay makeup artist Laura Vasquez, while Home and Away associate producer Brodie Macpherson remarked, “The bloody best ❤️”

Zara has been performing in Australia since 2012, but Home and Away will surely catapult her career.

She previously appeared alongside Teresa Palmer and Sam Neill in the 2015 drama picture Skin Deep and the Rachel Griffiths-directed Ride Like a Girl.

Nicholas, who graduated from Sydney theatre school NIDA in 2019 and spent six years as a rifleman in the Australian Army, joins the ensemble in June 2021.


Nicholas was in the same class as another future co-star, Ethan Browne, who plays Tane Parata, when he went to NIDA.

“Actually, I was somewhat envious of his job.” Last year, Nicholas told TV WEEK, “We were pretty good friends at NIDA.”

“Because we were older than a lot of the other people there and had some life experiences, we gravitated toward each other.”

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